Dumb Bimbo Sissy Phone Sex

Dumb Red Head Wearing Black Lingerie Leaning Against Wall

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Aren’t you tired of having all the responsibilities that come with being the man in charge? Your workdays are filled with stress and the wife doesn’t make things any easier. Escape it all and be my dumb bimbo sissy girl! I know that you want a life where your only tasks are looking hot and not thinking too hard.

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Meet My New BFF Phonesex

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Time has come for me to reveal something.  It is definately time that I reveal with whom I have been spending so much time with.  Yes you are probably thinking he is just my type.  Tall, dark and handsome with all the fuckable qualities I want and crave.  But I don’t want to burst your bubble, the one whom I want to reveal and expose is my new bimbo BFF.

You see, my new bimbo BFF was once a man named….well it doesn’t really matter what that old name was, does it?  Her name is Savannah.  It just happens to be that I get to drag her to all my girlie outings. It’s funny how she TRIES to resist, but it doesn’t really work.  She tries to point out that she is still a man.  But all I see is….

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He Lost But Wins A Ton of Cum Phone Sex

sissy slut bimbo deep throat


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His NCAA basketball bracket was finished. He had lost and by quite a bit. The structure of the bet left him in the public humiliation zone of the penalty for losing. I was given the task of turning this very athletic, man into a sissy bimbo slut for his friends amusement. I was going to have so much fun with this!

First we spent hours shaving and plucking to get him as smooth and hairless as could he could become. Then he was dressed in an adorable little candy pink thong which he complained endlessly about, since it kept giving him a wedgie. Then came the giant breasts his friends had requested. The bra was a size G and it got packed and stuffed until his big boobs stuck out nice and firm yet soft and squeezable. Then over his shaved legs came the slutty fishnet stockings in a naughty red color. A little body hugging black dress went over that and his feet were wedged into the biggest red pumps I could find. He whined and complained all through getting his make up done knowing how much fun his friends were going to have laughing at him and dreading what came next. Finally a little sassy red wig went on his head and the sissy bimbo slut transformation was complete. He still had to work on walking in the heels but he looked like a tramp.

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