Being Girlie At The Spa Phonesex

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Being girlie at the spa!

I love being girlie with a sissy. A sissy who knows that my forced feminization is the right path for their lives. And nothing reinforces sissification like a relaxing spa day. Phonesex can be the gateway to giving in to your feminine desires. Desires that begin with simply wanting to dress, smell and look like a woman and running the gamut to craving cock in all of your holes. 

However, no matter the point at which you find yourself within phone sex sissy training, a trip to the spa provides so many different ways to reinforce a sissy’s place in the world. I’ll dress you up in yoga pants and a hoodie to go there. And then we’ll go to the women’s dressing room together to get into robes. While we’re changing you can show me the silky panties you picked out to wear for your spa day.

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Vanessa’s Exposing Sissy Boys Phone Sex


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One of my favorite things to do is to “out” sissy boys. They usually enjoy every second of it. The attention is something they crave. I love to give them what they want. Posting naughty pictures of them in their frilly, girly lingerie is too much fun.

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