The Sissy Pimp Phonesex

The year is 1735… Harlots have taken over the streets and give bad names to purity, morality, and the cleanliness of family ideals.

One wouldn’t think this would be a setting for a sweet, feminine, sissy with a tight pussy and a cute little bitch clit.

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Phonesex Sissy needs out of that Closet

I love my sissies.

They are all so sweet and so eager to please. Sometimes though they don’t really know what’s good for them.

They need that little push that only a Mistress can give.

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Be Like Me Phone Sex

Poor little sissy was born with a tiny little clitty and body hair. Forced to wear yucky boys clothes and be so masculine. Look at me the pretty long haired Princess you long to be like. I know how bad you want to be able to wear a pretty skirt and blouse out in public instead of your jeans and plain ole’ t-shirt.

I know how you fantasize about combing your long flowing hair right before bed, pulling it back in a pretty feminine braid your bangs falling around your face making you look so pretty. Oh how you long to be a real girl, just like Pinocchio longed to be a real boy. I am here to make your fantasies come true dear little sissy.

I will dress you up and teach you how to be a real girl. Just give me a call.

*Divine Laylene*


Give In To It Sissy

Playing Dress Up With My Phone Sex Barbie

When I was little I always loved to play dress up with my Barbie dolls. I had all sorts of pretty pink clothes with ruffles and lace. Now as an adult I have been able to dedicate a whole room to playing dress up, although my tastes have changed and I prefer a living, breathing barbie doll to transform. I also enjoy business suits, pencil skirts, silk blouses and still my pinks and ruffles of course. *giggles*

Why don’t you come over and play with me. I am sure you will love standing in front of the 360 degree mirror as I strip you down to nothing, shave you smooth and begin my dress up transformation. I will make you the prettiest little doll ever!

*Divine Laylene*


Enter My Closet

Gasing Up & Transforming Phone Sex

You all remember when you where younger how when you had a surgery or dental work done and they gave you the laughing gas, which made you a little loopy? Well, thanks to a lovely little sissy I had a great idea. We are going to lay you down on this massage table and put this nasal mask over your face.

I lean over you as I whisper for you to breath slow deep breaths for me and count backwards from 10…slowly your numbers become a bit more slurred and your eyes heavier. Once I have you completely under I am going to transform you from a pathetic looking male figure into a beautiful little sissy.

This transformation will take some time though, as we have lots to do and I am sure I could use some help from a girlfriend or two to roll you side to side so we can dress you. If you like the thought of having no control, waking up and being transformed then you need a session with the Doctor. *giggles*

*Divine Laylene*


Transformation Central

A New Adventure In Phone Sex

So, my little Brandy and I have been talking about putting him on birth control pills for about a month or so now. I ordered him a 3 month supply and have shipped them out to him. But this is a little more then just popping them each day to be more feminine. Oh no no you know me, I have to up the stakes.

I made Brandy a bet…I bet that he could not go 3 months taking his pill every day for the entire 3 months. Now, he has to take a picture each day and prove the time and date that he is taking them and he has to email me the picture proof within 30 minutes of taking the pill, NO MATTER WHAT!

If Brandy fails…then he has to go on the pills for 3 more months, wear pantyhose everyday for 6 months, wear panties daily for 6 months, mail me every pair of male undies that he has, pay me $200 cash, and let his hair grow for 6 months. Now, if he would happen to win he gets $100 cash from me, and a break from being a girl for 6 months. I have no doubts that he is going to lose though! Haha

Make sure to keep up to date on the blogs so you can see if he wins or looses.

*Divine Laylene*


More About Sissies

Pretty Sissy Needs Phone Sex Girl Talk

Pretty little sissy girl, prancing around in all your frills. The ruffles and lace panties make your pretty little clitty hard. *giggles*

Pretty little sissy girl, prancing around in your heels. The stockings make your legs so smooth. *giggles*

Pretty little sissy girl, prancing around like other girls, dreaming about boys and toys and shopping sprees. *giggles*

Sweet little sissy you need a girlfriend! Let’s have some girl time just you and I.

*Divine Laylene*


Girl Time

Phonesex sissy carly’s Epiphany

Remember carly a very special sissy trapped in Goddess Eve’s web of manipulation?  A long time ago sweet sissy carly came to Goddess begging to be transformed into a perfect girl with the most perfect tits!

It seems sissy carly has had an epiphany well more like a moment!  Like all sissy girls she doubted her desires and without considering the consequences purged her closet of all her girlie things! Such a waste! All those pretty things in the trash, gone forever! 

Well sissy carly called Goddess Eve to thank Her and to say goodbye since she decided to be a man again! Goddess knew it was not goodbye but cry for attention since there is no going back once you have been molded by the ultimate Goddess! Things have not changed and won’t change; sissy carly’s destiny remains the same, to be girlie. You see sissy carly can’t resist hot girlie cums and the thought of round bouncy boobes!

A word of warning! Don’t divulge your secret feminine side to Goddess Eve unless you’re positive it’s your ultimate destiny!

There’s no going back!

Goddess Eve

Girlie phone sex lessons

Pathetic sissy you’re just not girlie enough! Look at yourself you’re a disgrace an embarrassment in serious need of lessons in girlie girl ways. Cum and visit Milf Mistress Maggie and when you leave you be transformed into the perfect sissy girlie girl.

Milf Mistress Maggie

10 Signs You Are a Sissy Phone Sex

Ten signs that you are a sissy ….

1.   You secretly want the world to know about the frilly panties you have on under your clothes

2.    You will do A NYTHING for a woman,  hoping it will make you into a woman yourself.

3.    Your little Cock looks more like a little clit

4.    Women laugh at you everywhere you go.

5.    Humiliation, makes your little boy pussy quiver with excitment

6.  Sucking cock is your favorite pastime

7.  A 12 inch strapon both terrifies and fascinates you, lol

8.  You find yourself wondering how many cocks can penetrate you at once. (SLUT!)

9. You can giggle like a sissy girl

10 . You submit and serve ME as your mistress