Friday Night Diva Phone Sex

Hi there beautiful sissy sluts! It’s Friday night and time for a hot night out in the city! I would love to know what gorgeous outfit you’re putting on tonight. Is it something tight, shiny, low cut, slutty, ultra feminine? Give me a call and tell me how you’re going to do your hair. It’s time to let our inner divas come out as we party it up.

Maybe you’ll even pick a nice hot stud up with a big fat cock for sucking later on *giggles*

Don’t forget that from now until Halloween you can enter a photo of yourself and if you’re the winner of the best Halloween Sissy Photo, you could win up to an hour of free phone sex time! There are 3 prizes!

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Putting On Lipstick The Phone Sex Sissy Way



I think today is a great day to practice putting on lipstick and making sexy faces in the mirror. I want you to watch yourself outlining your lips, then look at yourself in the mirrow with just those lips outlined. Imagine you are creating a painting and you are about to fill in the lines with the most gorgeous shade of red you have ever seen. Then you are going to place the lipstick tube to your lips and glide it back and forth.

Watch yourself pressing your lips together and massaging them back and forth, spread the lipstick. Then you’re going to make a kiss at yourself, look at how beautiful your lips look lined and painted about to kiss. Those luscious sissy lips ready to be filled…

Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise

Phone Sex Pussy Lessons


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

You dream of having a pretty pussy like mine don’t you? With a pink swollen clit, a warm wet pussy hole to be filled up deeply. You know if you are going to want a pussy, you’re going to need to take care of it properly. Make sure you keep that hair trimmed and neat, or shaved completely. Once a month you’ll have to put a tampon in that sissy ass just like a real girl.

Then slide those sexy panties up over your sissy pussy and make sure to cover that beautiful clit up until it’s play time. Ladies don’t rub their clits whenever they feel like it either, so you’re going to need to learn some manners and etiquette.

I think Lily needs to teach you some lessons on having a pussy, doesn’t she?

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Phone Sex Girlie Camp With Sexy Latina Miss. Tessa!!

Hola por ahi a todos mis animales domésticos putositas adorables!
¡Hoy  van a aprendecómo ser un porrista hermosa, putona, asi como yo! asi es mi mariquita pathetica, te voy a ensechar como hechar porras para aque chicos que queremos cojer bien rico, como tu saves mascotita a todas las porritas nos gusta putiar con todos los del equipo, nos encantan las vergas bien grandes, gordas y bien duras, entre mas grander y duras mejor. Asi que si quieres ser como yo mariquita, tienes que llamarme y aprender todo lo que Miss Tessa te ensena, empesando por ensenarte a saber usar ese uniforme que nos have parecer putas, pero nos hace pareser mas coquetas, tu sabes putiar que nos gusta siempre ser muy femeninas y putiar a todas horas.

Llamame esta noche mariquita putona y ven a porrear con migo


Tessa loves her pets!!! *giggles*


Heii there my adorable pets!

Today your going to learn how to be a beautiful, slutty, cute cheerleader such as myself! That means lots and lots of traing for such a pathetic pet like you, this could take awhile! *giggles* Well first off I’ll have to teach you how to be girlie, ovbiously your going to need to love the color pink! *giggles* Second I’m going to need to take you shopping with me to buy cute lace panties and awesome new slutty outfits! *giggles* But before we do all that you need to pay your dues, we all did to get to the top. You’ll have to wash my panties and cheerleader outfit. And you’ll have to prove to me how well you can suck a big fat cock.

Give me a call my pet, I’ll teach you the right way how to be girlie!


Your Latin phone sex teen queen,

Miss.Tessa <3


** Voice Sample Espanish and English **

Aerobic Workout For Sissy’s Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

Every girl has to stay in shape and keep her feminine figure. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you get to slack off. I want you to go find your sexiest cutest workout outfit, put your hair up, slip on your girly sneakers with the pink laces and put on your aerobics video.

You’re going to have to make sure you wear a sports bra too, don’t want those big beautiful titties of yours bouncing all over the place, now do we? Then you’re going to begin your workout, making sure to really stretch so you don’t pull a muscle!

I want you to burn those calories and break a little sweat, don’t worry it’s ok for girls to sweat when we’re working out. Otherwise it’s just gross ~giggles~ Lift your legs up high, tighten those abs, and a one and a two and a three….

You look so hot working out like my good sissy girl, that’s it. You want to make sure you stay looking your absolute best and fittest right? After all, a tight body fits much better into sexy clothes than a jiggly one. The only things I want jiggling on your are your tits and ass.

I might have to hop in the shower with you after we’re done. We can wash each other all over, especially our naughty pussies!

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Saturday Night Out With My Sissy Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


Well it’s Saturday night and that means it’s time to get dressed up all girly and sexy to go out on the town. I have a tight little spandex dress for you to put on, but first you have to slip into those panties. Then slide into that skin tight dress and slip your feet with painted toes into those gorgeous high heel pumps.

Then we’re going to outline your lips before we paint them so they are nice and full, then we put on some shiny gloss. The perfect cock sucking lips. Can’t forget the rest of the makeup, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara. Oh yes… you’re going to look like the hottest sissy whore anyone has ever seen. A long soft wig, some perfume and we’re ready to roll.

Be careful when we go out, those men can be dirty. They like to grab and touch and stare at our beautiful girlish bodies. You look so hot, I just might have to find a sexy stud to bring home with us. Think you could handle a big fat dick in your slutty pussy while I watch?

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