Phone Sex Sissy Gets A Treat

There is no such thing as a “typical” sissy. Some just love dress up and pretty panties and some are sissy sluts who are ready to have their little cunt hole violated in any way that I see fit. *smiles* I adore them all. More often than not, fetishes kind of overlap into something else. Such is the case with one of my sissy slaves who I cuckold in real life. Most of sissy’s duties involve house work and errands, but since an old boyfriend, Joe (I so lovingly refer to him as my ten inch long old flame) was visiting me from out of town last week, sissy was going to be working a little over time.

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Pizza Boy Phone Sex ~ Tease The Sissy

I went to visit one of my real time sissies the other day for the weekend, it was around lunch time and I was getting hungry so I ordered us a pizza. The delivery place said about 30 minutes because they were busy…well that would be perfect!

I set a chair up in the living room so that when the front door to the apartment is opened you could see it, I then had my little sissy put on a pair of frilly pink panties, pink silky bra, her blonde curly wig, white stockings and pink mary jane heels. I set my little sissy in the chair and began to tie her hands and feet to the legs of the chair.

I then sat in front of her and explained what would happen. It was now time to learn to suck a nice cock, the doorbell rang and I opened it. The delivery boy was a sexy looking black guy. College age maybe, clean cut, muscular, and more then likely hung like a …well yea!

I invited him and asked if he would do me a huge favor? I told him I forgot I didn’t have any cash but I still wanted to tip him, I told him that I would love it if he would let my little sissy here suck his chocolate cock off until he came all over sissy‘s face.

He was a little hesitant at first but soon gave in when he saw me sit down and put a leg up so I could reach my own pussy. I find it very erotic to watch my little slut suck a BBC.

Give me a call and let me tell you more about that day, it was fabulous!

*Divine Laylene*


Playtime For Sissy Bois

First Time Taking A BBC Phone Sex

I have been telling my little pet for weeks that she would be getting his turn to take a cock for me, I don’t think he believed me since his face showed shock when I brought in my best friend, Myles. A very big strapping young black man who is hung like a…well I am sure you can guess.

“Get on your knees, pet and show him how your training is paying off.” I told my little cock sucker. Little pet did as he was instructed, wrapping those pretty red lips around that shaft and swallowing it…down deeper into that tight little throat.

“Gag on it pet, swallow that dick” I told my little slut as I pressed the back of his head down, further on that massive black dick! As my little pet continued to suck that black dick, you could tell he was getting into it more and more. He even stopped long enough to beg me to let his beautiful cock squirt in his pathetic mouth.

What do you think, do you think this pathetic little fuck deserves to have a nice load of thick white cum in his pretty little mouth?

*Divine Laylene*


Cum See What Princess Likes

Visit From A Good Little Sissy Phone Sex

I had a visit from a regular little sissy of mine today. He came to me all dressed up in pretty yellow panties and a fishnet top with black fishnet stockings, he makes the best little cock sucker.

Lucky for my little panty’s on I had a big black friend, Jerome coming over for a visit as well. Now the one thing you have to realize about my little sissy slut is he just loves to take a big juicy black cock in his mouth and make it nice and wet before being fucked like a little bitch by it!

I loved listening to him moan in pleasure as that thick chocolate dick filled and stretched his little boy pussy. He begged for more each and every thrust. I made sure my friend, Jerome left my little panty’s on a nice surprise in his little pussy too!

*Divine Laylene*


Cum Play With Princess

BBC Phonesex

Roxy 1-866-510-7470

I know what you want, what you are craving, what your tight holes really want to open up for. That nice giant BBC. Can’t you just feel it sliding in and out of you while you are all dressed up? you  look so ridiculous down there on your knees in your little skirt, eyes closed, mouth gaping open, tongue protruding slightly. I wish I had a camera with Me. I am sure many people would love to see this.

Don’t resist,




Ass Worship & Big Black Cock Phone Sex

ass worship


I am sure you thought you were going to worship my ass. Not tonight my sweet little slut. You are going to be the ass saddle for my friend with the Big Black Cock.  That’s right, I told him about you.  How you were a aching discover what it feels like to have a real man ride your face.  Can you imagine having that big chocolate man candy balls deep inside your mouth.  Him using you as his personal cum rag, then bouncing his asshole up and down on your tongue.  I hope you are ready, because that’s not all I have in store for you. 🙂

Mistress Carly


Phonesex jack off boy’s Gloryhole Test!

It didn’t take jack off boy long to discover how sleazy glory hole sex really was! One after another a faceless bevy of real live cocks were delivered through a dirty dark hole. They came in all shapes and sizes yet they all had 3 things in common; they were huge, thick and black! When the current big black cock lodged in his throat was done unleashing its hot creamy sticky load, it was replaced by an even thicker bigger blacker dick!

Poor little jack off boy choked and gagged unable to keep up with the demands! Gross gobs of cum dripped from his chin covering him in a layer of sticky dirty cheap sex! This was not the cocksucking test he studied for, he feared he would fail and disappoint his Goddess! At this point all he could do was hope for the best and keep his mouth open and take whatever was being delivered from the other side of the dirty dark hole!

To jack off boy’s relief the cocks stopped coming and the door finally opened but before he could get to his feet the ugly fat man hosed him down.  Poor little jack off boy was beyond exhaustion  and soaking wet yet strangly happy!

The nightmare cocksucking test was finally over and jack off boy was returned to his Goddess!  Gross jack off boy you reek of cheap gutter sex!

So did he pass? For that answer you will have to stay tuned!

Goddess Eve