BBC Sissy Phonesex with a Twist

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You’re constantly searching the web for sissy phone sex with a twist.  Why do you do that?  Because you’re a small dicked loserBBC sissies tend to be obsessed with BBC because they just don’t measure up.  The closest thing to being a MAN is seeing all those BBC’s on the net.  If you and I get to play around, then chances are pretty good that I will bring in some Big Black Cocks.

But before I let you play with all these Big Black Cocks, go put on some cute panties.  It’s hilarious to see that little clit drowning in those boxes.  Sissy faggots like YOU belong in cute girlie panties, and preferably girlie colors.  In the meantime, don’t worry BBC faggot, I will make sure to have plenty of BBC for you until you are sufficient and trained enough to get some BBC all on your own. 

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Secret Sissy Bath House Phone Sex!

hot topless brunette girl sitting on toilet in bathroom

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You’ve heard about this secret bath house tucked away on the outskirts of the city. It’s well known amongst the gay community. A bath house that caters to all male clientele. Where men go and fulfill their secret gay desires because they’re too ashamed to be open about it.

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Sissy Whores Spread Their Legs For BBC Phonesex

hot indian girl spreading her legs while wearing black high heels

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You’re nothing but a sissy whore that’s addicted to big, black, cock. You can’t stop begging random men to stuff your pathetic holes. You’d do anything to feel stretched and filled by a superior darker man. You’re a nasty girl with bruised knees from sucking cock at the gloryholes. Your popularity amongst such places is sad. What would your wife say if she found out about this? I should shoot her an e-mail.

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Sissy Daddy Cuck Phonesex with Sex Kitten Lyric

Sex Kitten Lyric === 1-844-332-2639   ext 247

When I still lived at home, I had such a blast turning my daddy into my little sissy bitch.  It was such a pleasure for me to watch him worship a superior cock.  So when I was still living with my daddy, I was always bringing home guys when he was at work.

There was one day when he came home early from work and he found me fucking some big black cock, he was super upset. When he asked what was going on, I wasn’t in a good mood already because he interrupted.  He proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t going to fuck a black man under his roof.

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Sissy Whore Phone Sex

sissy whore

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

Listen, you sissy whore, are you going to help me get these new shoes or what?  We both agree that they are absolutely perfect for my more than perfect feet.  In fact, if anything my feet would only make the shoes better – not the other way around.  They are so comfortable looking and are perfect to wear while I rest my feet after a weary day on my new foot stool.  (It’s going to be you if you keep mouthing off to me)  So are you going to help me or not, because I have a plan.

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Sissy Mandingo Party Phone Sex!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

One of my little sissies LOVES big black cock. He’s gone through some rough life experiences lately. I thought I would cheer him up by throwing a mandingo party for him. What is a mandingo party you ask? It’s where a bunch of sexy black guys come together for an orgy where they all take turns fucking a white little sissy senseless. Sometimes they’ll fuck bitches in front of their partners… making it the ultimate sissy cuck experience.

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BBC teamup Sissy Phone Sex

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I know you have secret fantasies about being used by a bunch of big, muscly guys. Who better to help you experience that than me, a lady who can fuck as well as being fucked.. I’ve been teamed up on so many, many times. By real men of course. Men who you’d probably want to be gang banged by. So I’m going to help you have a hot, virtual gang bang fantasy. Follow my instructions faggot, and I’ll bring you to an intense orgasm.

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BBC Sissy Phone Sex

His sissy name was Becky.  God they always picked such cheesy girl names.  Becky, Courtney, Freja (what ever the hell that is).  I had him on all fours on the coffee table.  His clean pink hole was shave smooth just like I had instructed.

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Phone Sex Sissy Gets A Treat

There is no such thing as a “typical” sissy. Some just love dress up and pretty panties and some are sissy sluts who are ready to have their little cunt hole violated in any way that I see fit. *smiles* I adore them all. More often than not, fetishes kind of overlap into something else. Such is the case with one of my sissy slaves who I cuckold in real life. Most of sissy’s duties involve house work and errands, but since an old boyfriend, Joe (I so lovingly refer to him as my ten inch long old flame) was visiting me from out of town last week, sissy was going to be working a little over time.

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Pizza Boy Phone Sex ~ Tease The Sissy

I went to visit one of my real time sissies the other day for the weekend, it was around lunch time and I was getting hungry so I ordered us a pizza. The delivery place said about 30 minutes because they were busy…well that would be perfect!

I set a chair up in the living room so that when the front door to the apartment is opened you could see it, I then had my little sissy put on a pair of frilly pink panties, pink silky bra, her blonde curly wig, white stockings and pink mary jane heels. I set my little sissy in the chair and began to tie her hands and feet to the legs of the chair.

I then sat in front of her and explained what would happen. It was now time to learn to suck a nice cock, the doorbell rang and I opened it. The delivery boy was a sexy looking black guy. College age maybe, clean cut, muscular, and more then likely hung like a …well yea!

I invited him and asked if he would do me a huge favor? I told him I forgot I didn’t have any cash but I still wanted to tip him, I told him that I would love it if he would let my little sissy here suck his chocolate cock off until he came all over sissy‘s face.

He was a little hesitant at first but soon gave in when he saw me sit down and put a leg up so I could reach my own pussy. I find it very erotic to watch my little slut suck a BBC.

Give me a call and let me tell you more about that day, it was fabulous!

*Divine Laylene*


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