Phonesex Sexpert Cory Teaches You About Dildos

When it cums to dildos and vibrators, why not ask Mistress Cory.

I am a sex toy expert, and have much experience with all the different kinds of toys out there!

What are you looking for? Soemthing realistic, that looks just like that cock and balls that you think about when you rub your clitty?

Or how about something that vibrates, because why not- it feels so good in our pussies and you know it!

Or how about something nice and big and chocolate coloured!? You know you love to suck on that cock and make it nice and wet before sliding it into that little pussy of yours!

So why not ask Mistress Cory, the sexpert, and she will teach you all there is to know about toys, and anything else you have questions about.

Mistress Cory

Cock Worshipping Phone Sex For All You Sissy Girls


Tonight, my little sissy Miss Laylene is going to teach you all about cock worship…My friend has agreed to help us. *giggles*

First, we need to get you all dressed and looking sexy…how about this tight black mini skirt, a very low v cut shirt, that way this red lace bra will peek out of it. Don’t forget your stockings and stilettos little sissy girl. Now, when he comes I want you to have him come in and sit in the living room.

Get on your knees sissy girl, and watch patiently as I unbutton his pants letting that huge cock spring out. Shocked aren’t you, it is a big fat cock! *giggles* Now, the most important part of cock worshipping is your pretty red lips, so come here and let me help you put some lipstick on.

Now, you are all set, start by caressing his cock and balls gently. Tease that cock a bit before you bring it pleasure. Now sissy girl take your tongue and run it slowly up the shaft of that cock and when you get to the head gently wrap your pretty red lips around it. That is great!

Good girl sissy now take your hand and place it around the base of the cock like so and begin to slide the cock into your mouth. Those red lips wrapped around that cock look amazing!

Now if you would like to worship this big cock some more, give me a call and let me teach you how.

Naughty Mistress Laylene


Your O Face – Phonesex

On your back, bitch, and knees up near your ears – I want full access to that gaping asshole, twitching so eagerly in anticipation.

In spite of the tight leather lace binding your cock and balls into a neat little package, you’re still throbbing hard and dribbling precum, aren’t you, slut? You want this so bad.

Yes, you can jerk that pathetic excuse for a dick while I slap your swollen, purple balls and lube up three fingers and shove them up your ass all at once. Work up a hot load of cum for me, baby, show me how much you love being treated like the ass whore you are!  And when you have to cum, you can go ahead and cum all over your own face. How’s that?

Don’t ever say I never let you have any fun.

Miss Erica

Voice Clip – Erica

I Know Your Phone Sex Secret


I know about your little secret! I know how you rummage through the dirty laundry basket just to “borrow” a pair of your lovely wife’s panties. You enjoy wearing them under your work uniform, it is a thrill for you knowing you could be caught at any moment.

I can see you now in the morning before work, rummaging through that basket until you find the perfect pair, those purple silk full back panties with a little lace on them. You carefully slide them over your masculine legs, enjoying the feeling of the silk gliding over your skin.

Then when you pull them up to cover those cock an balls or should I say your boy pussy *giggles*, you close your eyes, taking in the soft silky feel of the panties. All day must be so horrible for you, having those silk panties rub against your boy pussy, making you excited for when the day is over and you can go home.

Don’t worry panty boy your secret is safe with me…for now. *giggles*

Miss Laylene