Panty Boy Discovers The Love Of Panties Phone Sex


So my sweet little panty boy you just realized how good your wife’s silk panties feel rubbing against your little man sausage all day. You sneak them on under your work pants and head out the door before she can catch you. You know she would have to punish you if she caught you. Men wearing panties just isn’t a popular thing…oh so little you know panty lover.

I personally find those men who wear silk panties to be a turn on. Watching as they model my dirty panties for me. Mmmm just something about that cute little ass in my panties that makes naughty thoughts fill my head. 🙂 So, my darling little panty boy what shall we do today? Talk about all the different styles and colors of panties or just go out and go shopping for some. I mean you can not expect to wear everyone else’s panties, you need your own. lol.

So what shall it be today panty boy?

Miss Rayne


Little Stephanie Loves Being A Phone Sex Slut



My favorite little sissy slut called me today to get her weekly dose of strap on. *giggles* After she told me how sexy she looked I knew we had to show her little ass off to my friends. So we got ready and went over to Anna’s house. Once we got there I made little Slut Stephanie work her magic and modeled that sexy outfit.

It didn’t take that little slut long before she was sucking on all our strap ons, deep throating them like a pro, there was one time I saw her double stuff that painted red mouth of hers. *giggles* Watching her cheeks bulge out was so exciting, I went over smacked her ass and told her what a good slut she was.

The next thing Miss Anna, and I and the other girls had slutty Stephanie do was get on her hands and knees, we ripped off those little pink panties of hers and began to toy with her tight little sissy pussy.  Oh how she begged and begged for it hard. What a good little slut she was today I was so proud of her. *giggles*

Princess Laylene


Sissy Phone Sex Advice Line


That’s right all you sweet sissy girls and sissy sluts out there. I am going to start my own little advice line. Here you will be able to call in and ask your  most important questions, questions that you can’t ask just anyone.

Is red the right color of lipstick for me?

Is it normal for a man to wear his wife’s dirty panties?

I have an uncontrollable urge to get ass fucked?

I want to suck a cock…help me!

These are just a few examples of what callers needed answered. If you have a question or concern and need a real woman’s advice please don’t hesitate. Give me a call now. The same charges apply for this service as a normal phone sex call. 🙂

Miss Rayne


Phone Sex Sissy Cunt Gets Fucked



I knew you wanted a dick in that slut sissy cunt the minute I layed eyes on you. When I saw the look in your eye when I pulled out that 12 inch black dildo I thought you were going to cum right there. Ahhh but Princess Lily doesn’t just have one 12 inch black dildo, but two.

That’s right, one for your whore ass and one for your mouth that is so hungry. Then I’m going to tease you with them and make you beg me for them. Beg to be filled up completely the way a skanky bitch like you should be.

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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Pathetic pantyboy Phonesex

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Hey pantyboy you can’t resist My tantalizing hot wet little panties!

Do you want to hold them and smell them?  Then beg for them pantyboy! Not good enough on your knees and convince Me!

Oh you are so pathetic pantyboy look at you sucking and licking My panties.  Ok I want to have a good laugh so put them on!

Oh no they are to tight, your ass is to wide you need to lose a few pounds pantyboy! 

 Maybe a citywide marathon of cocksucking with help you shed that unwanted fat.

Cum back when you’re done pantyboy!

Mistress Danni

Catching My Phone Sex Pantyhose Sissy


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

When I came home to see you slipping on my pantyhose I couldn’t help but get a little excited. The way the silky material covered your calves and thighs. My eyes wandered up to see how they went over your huge bulge, I just wanted to walk right over rub your cock hard through those silky pantyhose.

Then once your cock was all throbbing inside, I’d just have to give it some release and tear a hole in them. Pull that thick cock out and suck you right there while you were wearing my lingerie. Your cock looks so sexy sticking out of my pantyhose. You wouldn’t mind if I just pushed you down and jumped on top to ride you a little would you? I want to feel that silky material against my ass as I bounce up and down.

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Teaching My Phone Sex Sissy How To Shave His Legs


Little sissy Courtney called me tonight asking me if I can teach her how to shave her legs. She went out and bought a web cam just so I could watch and make sure she was doing it right.

I had sissy Courtney prepare a warm bubble bath, gather up some razors, shaving cream, and lotion for afterwards. I had sissy Courtney then set up the cam and climb in the tub. What a cute little ass she has. *giggles*

Sissy Courtney was instructed to lather one leg up really good with the shaving cream, and leave her leg outside of the tub. Taking the razor sissy Courtney was told to make long, slow strokes following the hair’s natural growth grain. Needless to say sissy Courtney cut her leg on the first stroke. *sigh*

This continued the whole way through the phone call, FINALLY sissy Courtney was finished and it was time to get out and put some lotion on those cut up legs. You should have heard her yelp as she applied the lotion. *giggles*

Are you a sissy who needs help and training? Give me a call and I will be glad to help. *giggles*

Teen Mistress Laylene



Teasing my Sissy’s Boyclit Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


I want you to put on your sluttiest outfit and stand in front of the mirror. Look at your girlish body and slide your hands all over yourself. Rub that boyclit on the outside of your panties and feel it grow bigger and get all swollen just for Lily.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Slide your hands up your tummy and over your breasts, up your neck and over your face. Watch yourself and visualize yourself being fucked and filled by huge masculine cocks. Being treated like a little slut girl while Lily watches you.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Turn around slowly in the mirror, bending over all the way to touch your high heels, looking at yourself in the mirror between your legs. Slide your hands up the backs of your calves all the way up your thighs and over your curvy ass. Lick your lips and turn around, rubbing your boyclit through your panties.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet… call me and I’ll allow you to do so.

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Sample Lily

Your O Face – Phonesex

On your back, bitch, and knees up near your ears – I want full access to that gaping asshole, twitching so eagerly in anticipation.

In spite of the tight leather lace binding your cock and balls into a neat little package, you’re still throbbing hard and dribbling precum, aren’t you, slut? You want this so bad.

Yes, you can jerk that pathetic excuse for a dick while I slap your swollen, purple balls and lube up three fingers and shove them up your ass all at once. Work up a hot load of cum for me, baby, show me how much you love being treated like the ass whore you are!  And when you have to cum, you can go ahead and cum all over your own face. How’s that?

Don’t ever say I never let you have any fun.

Miss Erica

Voice Clip – Erica

Sissy Slut On Phone Sex With Tessa

Hey! Mariquita, ya se que quieres ser mas putona, ven comingo, Mis Tessa quiere ensenarte como llegas a ser la mas puta de todas .

Tevoy a verstir y a maquillas y veras que bella te vas a ver, quiere que te cojan ese culo tam apretadito que tienes pero no sabes como?? Well Mis Tessa te ensena como poder atrapar esa verga tan rica que se te ha antojado,

Ven, llamame vamo que te voy a comvertir en toda una puta barata.


Hello there my sissy boy!! today you look more pathetic the ever, I am sure you want to dress up and put make up on, well come with Miss Tessa .

I know you are looking for make your self more slut and looks like a whore, is time to put that ass to work and make some money for Miss Tessa .

Cum with Miss Tessa tonight i have some work for you..and bring that tight sissy hole ready to work for me .


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