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Sundresses are for Sissies

sundresses are for sissies

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

It’s Summertime ladies! You know what that means. Flowy, pretty little sundresses and we get to go shopping for them. I know you absolutely adore going shopping for girly things. Well, sundresses are for sissies and we’re going to get you a few.

Summer is a time when girls wear lots of sandals, thong panties and bikinis, and skirts and dresses. You are a girl, so you need to have these things and learn how to wear them and wear them well. We’re going to start with the sundresses and thong panties. See, when a hot girl wears a sundress, and a nice summer breeze blows through her dress lifts up and everyone can see her hot ass. It makes us feel sexy and on display. Do you want that or are you too shy?

Let’s Go Shopping

I bet you already have some great pairs of girly panties, right? If you don’t then we’ll need to get you some. Thongs are especially important when you really want to feel like a sexy slut so let’s get you at least 3 pairs of those. Get one in black, and white, and let’s go crazy and get one in leopard print. Now you have your naughty panties to wear under your dresses.

Time to get those pretty little sundresses. There are unlimited colors and patterns you can get for your dresses. Make sure when you try them on that you feel girly and beautiful in them. That’s how you know which ones to buy. Sundresses are for sissies and we know what you are, don’t we?

If you need help with any of this or anything else, give me a call! I love helping my sissies and teaching them how to be the best pretty girls they can be. We can cover shoes, stockings, makeup, and even how to walk like a sexy girl. I can’t wait to chat.

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402