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Snatching Your Sissy Wig, Bitch

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext. 300

Snatching your sissy wig, bitch. Yes, you brought this on yourself. You must have lost your everloving mind for a minute ho. I’m a real ass bitch and I never share my man. Possessive is my middle fucking name. That’s why I don’t tolerate hos like you. Oh you came off like you wanted to be my friend. Begging me to give you beauty tips so you could try to look more feminine. A hot mess is what you were. 

Snatching Your Sissy Wig – Stay Away From My Man

Because I have a good heart, I decided to take on your charity case. New clothes, new makeup and some incredible wigs. Before too long, I had you looking like a real diva. Turning heads wherever you went. You were thrilled to say the least. And how do you thank me? By going after my man. What the fuck?

An ungrateful bitch is what you are. What you didn’t count on is that my man isn’t down with trannies. He don’t want you dick clit when he can have this prime grade pussy. You should have known better. It’s not that I have ever felt threatened by you. Bitch, you will never be in my league. What I have a problem with is how sneaky and ungrateful you are.

Now that I know what you really are I should just snatch that wig off your devious head. That wig is wasted on a scheming, conniving ho like you. Instead, I think I will just spend the weekend with my man and give him this bomb ass pussy. Awwe, that’s something you can never offer can you? Instead why don’t you go down on the street corner and get to sucking dick.

Or if you are feeling woman enough to address things, call me.

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext. 300