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Sissy Snatch Looks Better In Pantyhose

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Sissy snatch looks better in pantyhose. So, you might as well accept the fact that you will be wearing pantyhose. I don’t care how hot it is this summer. You will slip those hose over your shaved legs. I want those legs to look so fucking smooth. Just look how soft they make your legs look. You could even pass for a real woman when wearing them. I’ve never thought a man was less masculine because of some pantyhose or lingerie. In fact, it takes some balls to do that sort of thing.

Sissy Snatch Looks Better In Pantyhose – Sweat It Out Ho

Don’t you just love how snug and tight they fit? Look how flat they make your little dicklet. No bulge in sight. They make you look just like a girl. The transformation will be surreal. You will be passing for a real girl in no time after just a little training with me. You will actually start acting and thinking like a female before I am through.

Feminizing a man is a long, complicated process but it is so necessary. I need to force you only because of the social pressures and stereotypes you were raised with. Others have brainwashed you into thinking there is something wrong with exploring your feminine ego. That is so wrong and very unfortunate. This has caused you so much confusion and distress. I am here to repair all of that damage. You will finally be what you’ve always dreamed of being.

With me you will be allowed to be the sexy female part of your psyche. I will give you the freedom to explore and experiment. Welcome to sissy nirvana. Enjoy your trip to Sissy Town and be sure to stay awhile. I think you will enjoy it.

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext 300