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Sissy Saint Patrick’s Day Stockings

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Sissy Saint Patrick’s Day Stockings – This day is no different than any other day because you should always be in stockings. But for St. Patty’s Day, I’m thinking long, cable knit knee socks and a plaid skirt. Show those sexy, sissy legs off like a true Irish lass. That little cocklette snug in the crotch of some white cotton panties with shamrocks printed on the fabric. You know you love how you feel in panties.

A sissy boy should always be wearing pantyhose or thigh high socks, that’s just a fact. You will slip them over your smooth, shaven legs. I want those legs hairless and so fucking smooth. Imagine how soft they will make your legs look. You might even pass for a real woman when wearing them.

Sissy Saint Patrick’s Day Stockings

There will be no bulge in there. You could fool anyone with that lack of penis. I will make you look just like a girl. The transformation will be absolutely incredible.

Once I transform you into the sissy lass you’ve only dreamed of, you will be giggling and preening with delight. Showing you off and whoring you out will be so much fun.

Before you know it, you will be a well practiced cocksucker. I am very good at training sissies. The men will line up to be serviced by the new Irish slut. On your knees sucking cock with those Irish eyes smiling, LOL.

So, slip those cable knit socks on and embrace your inner sissy. Put them on and give me a call. I will have you living as a woman in no time. It’s time to celebrate the holiday the way you’ve always dreamed of, as a woman.

Let’s see how lucky you really are, sissy boy.

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext 300