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Sissy Hissy Fit

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

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Sissy Hissy Fit 

What drew the new cock to her was her personality.  I’ve told you before she reminds me of the housekeeper in the movie “BirdCage”.  Sissies are full of personality.  It seems once they open up to be who they are more hormones seep through their bodies. She makes so much noise my husband came to see what was going on.  Once she tells him he asks her why is she concerned.  He walks over, wraps his arms around her, and hugs her up close.  It’s all the things we have learned together that got you the new cock.  You should see how that sissy slut melted down for him.  They have way too much fun together fucking and sucking.  Looking up at him she said she was silly to get excited because he was her main cock.  It was as if I wasn’t even there.

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352