Sissy Halloween Costume Shopping with Mistress Serinda

Sissy Phone Sex

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So what’ll it be this year?  Every year you search and study in an effort to get the perfect Halloween Costume and it’s always the same thing.  Well, Miss Serinda says settling for the same thing year after year is done.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?  Well, I think the answer is obvious.  You’re going to be my pretty Sissy Slut who loves getting her boi pussy filled with cock!  And then, after we get you all made over, we’re going to a party to see how many boys chase after that cute little ass of yours.  How does that sound?

To start with, nothing says slut like fishnets and pumps!  Match that with a hot little mini skirt and a tube top – something that screams 90’s valley girl.  Top that off with some new hair.  I’m fond of blonde for my little sissy whores, and I’m sure the boys will be, too.  We’re going to dress you up and turn you out.  So get that sexy ass ready, because I’m sure someone is gonna’ get laid that night!  Better start stretching that boi pussy out, because I’m sure it’ll be worn out by the time the night is done.

And don’t forget!  I’m having a sexy panty contest for the month of October, so go here to find out all the deets and win a voice clip personalized just for you!

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