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Sissy Delivery Boy Shocker

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

 Sissy delivery boy shocker is what I got a few nights ago.  The weather has been so bad we gave not been able to go out by the fire pit.  Therefore when we had a couple of great days that led into nights we ordered items we would need for a fire pit party.  We usually get a regular delivery boy from a local grocery store that also has a liquor store.  The husband started the fire and went inside to start getting the steaks prepared as I enjoyed the weather.  Just then the delivery boy arrived with the party items.  Instructing him where to place the food and liquor I couldn’t help but notice how he was staring at me.  I have to admit I began to flirt a bit with him.  I noticed those shoulders and thighs, knowing he could be carrying a nice package between his legs.

A Sissy Delivery Boy Shocker

As he continued to stare at me I moved toward him; he was so nervous.  He complimented me on my outfit and continued to say how often he had wanted to tell me.  I walked up behind him as he set the bags down and I put my hands on his shoulders to run my hands down his arms.  He turned around quickly and almost spilled the bags.  As he moved away I first thought I saw a t-shirt under his shirt and then realized it was lacy.  Backing him up toward the brick wall and pulling his shirt open I could see.  He had on a camisole and lacy panties poking out above his blue jeans.  What? All this time I’m thinking he has the hots for me.  Now I understand how he is always asking about my husband.  More after I set things up between them.

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352