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Sissy Clitty Humiliation

Nude TS Alexus poses for the camera with a smile

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Take a look. A good, long look. This is what you want to look like, isn’t it? You want to be all girl while keeping the “extra” that once made you a man. However, there is one TINY problem. You’ve never had a cock like this like a man is supposed to. You’ve always been small and tiny; that’s why you call it a clitty and pretend that makes you happy.

I’ve heard it so often, “Oh, my little girl clit tingles.” Sorry to tell you, but it’s not a cock or a clit; it’s useless.

Sissy Clitty Humiliation


Go on and dress up for me. Pull up your stockings and yank up your panties. Do your makeup and fix your hair. Lipstick on livestock still makes them livestock. They just look utterly ridiculous, like you. Trying to be something you can never be. How does it make you feel as I watch your humiliation in live time?

Seeing you trying so hard to be a good girl, you’ve even offered to suck my cock like a slut if I’d be kinder about the size of your stupid clitty, but I have no desire to soothe you. Someone should tell you the truth; why can’t it be me? Someone who’s transformed and become everything you wish you could be.

I suppose if anyone has the right to tell you that you’ll always be lacking, whether male or female, it’s me. And now, look what the honest truth has done to you. Don’t think I cant see from here the little wet stain in your panties. Did someone’s clitty squirt from embarrassment? But, seriously, it’s so funny how much of a pathic, little, confused thing you are.

It’s time for you to call and show me how small you are. I want to hear you say, “My clitty is too small to be a man and too fat to be a girl. I’m a confused nobody.” Can you do that without creaming your panties until I give you permission? There’s only one thing about a girl like you that makes you worth keeping around.

Turn around and bend over, let me see that boypussy.



TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349