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Sissy Aversion Therapy

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Your status as a male is clearly a case of denial honey. You can argue up and down all you like, I don’t see anything ‘boy‘ about you. I see plenty of girl, but there just doesn’t seem to be the faintest trace of anything man about you. You just need some sissy aversion therapy, then, to get rid of all those troubling male ideas.

But don’t worry my sweet little feminine creature, I’m sure with a bit of intensive therapy and attention to every detail there won’t be a hint of masculinity left to you when I’m done fixing all those silly little crossed wires that declare you as anything else but a pliant, ultra feminine, subservient girl.

Therapy of course is a must. Aversion therapy, subliminal therapy, physical therapy. Procedures to enhance your natural girlish build and face. Making it so you only see other females like yourself as role models, leaders and friends instead of possible partners.

Teaching you what a cock slut you are… What did you think the sissy aversion therapy was for making you stop being a sissy? No no sweetie, anything but that I’m afraid. As a faggot you are for all intents, ruined. But there’s always room for fat lipped apple bottomed boys willing to bounce on dick and be the girls they where meant to be.

Sweetie there’s just so very, very, very many things we have to get done to get you on your proper, true, path to being a perfect girl. Its what nature intended. You are already far to gone to possibly resist this, so why not instead, embrace your impending womanhood. You’re going to be so much happier, but don’t worry, any lingering doubts? There’s plenty of men to handle that, then you’ll not even have any reason to resent it at all.


1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245