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Sissy Ass Training

sissy ass training

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

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I recently acquired this toy when I went shopping the other day. One of my favorite things is getting new sex toys, especially ones I get to use on other people. My floggers and crops plus strap-ons are some of my favorites and it’s time to train your slutty ass today.

The Sissy Ass Training Begins

First, I want you to get fully dressed up in your slutty best with full makeup. I want red lips, mascara, the works. I can’t wait to see that mascara running down your cheeks while you gag on my 9 inches. Get on your knees in that slutty lingerie and heels and start practicing your dick-sucking skills. I want you to use your hands, use your tongue and take every inch into your mouth. To be the best sissy slut you need to be able to gag on cock and love it. Good little slut.

Now, bend over and put your hands on the desk. I rip your lacy thong panties off and put my strap-on cock on for you. Your little sissy ass is about to get pounded and trained well. I bet that makes your little clitty get so swollen and you want to rub that clit, don’t you whore? Go ahead, I’ll allow you to cum when I say so.

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You need that sissy pussy to be trained by Mistress Zia, don’t you? Give me a call and beg me for sissy ass training and I’ll teach you and train that hole to be properly used up. I’ll make you feel like the slut you are.

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402