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Project Anal Rosebud

ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202

Project Anal Rosebud? Yes, that’s what I fucking said. What is a rosebud? It’s what a faggot needs. An anal rosebud is actually rectal prolapse. Basically, it’s when the walls of the anus become prolapsed to such a degree that they start to protrude out of the asshole. It looks just like a bright, pink rosebud. Your ass needs this and I am the anal trainer who can deliver it. Of course, I look sweet and cute but don’t let looks deceive you. I am an anal taskmaster and I will force you to go further than you ever have before. We will start out with various sizes of dildos and stretch your asshole incrementally until I can use my fist.

As your ass starts to gape, I will turn up the intensity. Massaging your prostate to open you up even more. Don’t be surprised if you spontaneously cum and shoot your load across the room. That”s just part of this amazing process.

Project Anal Rosebud – Don’t Stop Until Prolapse

Before I anal fist you I will be sliding my fingers in first. This will open you up to a whole new reality. That’s right, this is the beginning of what your ass will become. Stretching it to it’s fullest potential is my ultimate plan. Project rosebud is the final goal.

Anal is something that should start slow and then increase in intensity. Think of this as training for your asshole that will allow you to accommodate even the largest of cocks in the future. Training is always hard but the anal fisting will be even harder. I want to hear you cry out in pain and ecstasy. Hearing you beg to be fucked in the ass over and over is a turn on for me. I don’t stop until anal prolapse.

Turning you into a simpering faggot will be so satisfying. I could tell by looking at you that you wanted to get fucked. Using your ass to it’s full potential is imperative.

ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202