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A new year and always room for new sissies and cuckolds. I am a dominating Woman who gets wet by enslaving little sissy boys to meet My every need .
Are you unsure that you want to fall under My power? Well get off that cute little tush and phone Me. I will remind you that you are only what I make you.
I am your teacher, your Mistress and ultimately your everything. I will create you, I have the power to break you and I WILL turn you into either My sissy bitch or My cuckold the choice will be Mine. you will be under My total control.
I will never ask questions of you, you are worthless. I will demand that you meet My every standard, you will get Me ready for My dates and service My guests and Me. What shall you say in return? “thank you Mistress Randi”.
Now tuck that useless little clit into your panties and call Me. 1-888-733-2243
Worship only Me for your phone sex feminization.
Mistress Randi


Hello sissy girls;

Happy New Year to you all ! It is a New Year, and so many exciting things have happened to all of you through the holidays ! you know I love to hear about all of them!

Some of you have been sending Me emails, which is very nice girls but please remember My guestbook, that is where I would like to see some of your events and stories, as well as mentioning some of your tender moments about O/our conversations.

As you can see My sissy page is not quite completed, although I had hoped it would be for the New Year, perfection takes time. I am a perfectionist as you all know ! Hopefully My new sissy page will make its debut shortly.

In the mean time, I would like you all to give a nice warm sissy welcome to a new member of O/our sissy group ! Say hello to sissy judith ! you can all put your sissy hugs in My guest book for sissy judith to see, I know she would love to see them. Now girls judith is a little shy, so please make her feel welcome, after all Curtis and Trevor already have ! The Big Boys way! I don’t think her lips or pussy will ever be the same. Welcome sissy Judith !

Alright girls, be good and I will speak with you again soon.

you all know for the very best in feminization or sissy phone sex all you have to do is call Mistress Randi 1-888-733-2243 www.callsexyrandi.com

goodnight girls
Mistress Randi


Hello sissy girls;

It is almost christmas and one of My sissy’s sent this cute little jingle to Me. I thought I would be nice and share it with all of you.

As well you really should check out the 12 Days of Christmas it is very entertaining ! you can find it at www.12DaysofaPhoneSexChristmas.com

Enjoy, and remember girls, curtseys!

The jingle from sissy christina …

Lyrics for “Walking Around In Women’s Underwear”to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Lacy things the wife is missing
Didn’t ask for her permission
I’m wearing her clothes
Silk pantyhose
Walking around in women’s underwear

In the store there’s a teddy
With straps like spaghetti
It holds me so tight
Like handcuffs at night
Walking around in women’s underwear

Down at work there’s a guy named Melvin
He pretends that I am Murphy Brown
He says “are you ready” I say “Whoa man”
We have to wait until the wife is out of town

Later on if you wanna
We can dress like Madonna
Put on some eyeshade
Join the parade
Walking around in women’s underwear


Halloween Phone Sex ??? – Can it get any stranger?

For some humorous adult Halloween fun visit www.HalloweenPhoneSex.com They have a collection of Adult Halloween humor starting with their “Halloween’s Top Ten List” and “Top Ten Reason Halloween Makes you Horny” – “Why Halloween is better than Sex” – “Top 10 Halloween things that sound dirty but aren’t”.

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Your sure to like Adult Halloween Jokes or check out their Photo Gallery of Adult Halloween Pictures.

Happy Halloween!


Hello sissy dears;

The technical problems I believe have been resolved thanks to the help of another very strong and wonderful Mistress as well as Myself. For extra added fun, you should call and let BOTH of US tease and play with you, would that not be fun?

There are new special treats here for you girls, take advantage of them. When I am not available, there are two recordings you may listen to, I will see how that goes and decide whether they stay here or not.

There has been a guestbook added as well to My sissypage, I expect you girls to use it. you know I love to hear from each and everyone of you.

Watch closely, lots more surprises coming your way.

Mistress Randi


My dear sissys;

There have been some technical problems with this blog.

Watch closely for changes in the next couple of days, special things are coming your way.

you lucky sluts.

Mistress Randi

My Goodness its fall already

It has been a very long time since I have posted here, shame on Me! you do know what that means don’t you? I am coming back with a vengence!

I spoke with My sissy christina today, the cock hungry little whore. she really is such a cum sucking little slut, she will fuck anything, anyone as long as they have a cock! Preferrably a big, thick one of course.

I have these delicious little pictures of our little bitch that I am going to share with you.

I had her shopping for a new pair of panties, but being the hungry little slut she is, she opted for a thong so that she could move it out of the way faster! she didn’t listen well. I had to give the nasty little one, a very hard lesson with her 8″ dildo for that oversight.

Enjoy the pictures, and I will be sure to post regular stories, pictures and even some wonderful lessons in here for all My sissy sluts on a regular basis, so keep watching girlies!

Remember now, to learn how to be the best sissy ever just call Me.

Mistress Randi 1-888-733-2243

Another sissy tale.

Mistress Randi has been in the middle of moving, and it hasn’t been a smooth move. Consequently, it has been a bit since My last posting. But I have a new story for you, from My sissy christina. Just a lesson girls, never under estimate the power of Me.

Enjoy girls, and send Me your stories, I always like to read them.

Mistress Randi

A sissy tale by: sissy christina

I love being a slut!

The other day I called Mistress Randi from my office at work. She had me put my pants around my ankles and sit on a dildo in my desk chair, ALL WHILE mY OFFICE DOOR WAS OPEN!

After making me “bump and grind” on the dildo for awhile, She made me call Cindy, my secretary, into my office to bring me something, while my pants were down and sitting on the dildo. I hid behind the desk, hoping She wouldn’t come around to my side!

Finally, Mistress Randi made me confess how much of a slut I am, and how I love to suck cock, and She wouldn’t let me whisper it softly – She made me say it using my regular voice.
Then She finally let me cum. It was great!


What it means to be a sissy: By sissy laci

Hello all My little sissies,

I have a treat for you today. I have an essay written by My little slut laci. It is really very good, so I think you should read carefully. I am only putting in pieces of it, as I would not want to give all of her secrets away.

This was an assignment for her scrapbook. Why don’t you call Me, to start your successful road to feminization, I know you want to.

What it means to be a sissy: By sissy laci

i like being Mistress Randi’s sissy because She takes the time to teach me what it is like to feel like a girl.

i like being a sissy because i get to wear such pretty lingerie. Starting with panties, a girl has so many choices, from thongs to bikini to briefs to girl shorts. The color choices from white to pink to sexy reds and blacks, also the fabric choices. From simple cotton to lycra to sexy satin and silks.

That is not to mention the bras and other clothing.

Then what sissy can resist stockings & garter belts. ooooh the choices, it makes a sissies panties wet just thinking about it.

After a sissy gets all dolled up in something, she hopes will turn a studs head, she gets to fantasize about being some studs girl.

A sissy girl gets to have so many great sensations of feminine finery caress her body. The tug of a bra strap, the swish of the hem of a skirt around her thighs and calves, the shortened stride of hi-heels.

The feel of a man’s hand sliding up under your shirt to play with your boobs while he kisses on your neck and his other arm is holding you tight to him, holding you there, his breath hot on your lips as he kisses you hard on the lips, his tongue snaking deep into your mouth taking possession of you.

A hand sliding up your thighs over your stockings, caressing your panties, a hand on your shoulder pushing you down on your knees and guiding your face to his crotch. you can feel the heat radiating from his cock, along with his musky scent. your lips kiss his cock and your tongue swirls around the head of it…

Well, you little sluts, that is as much of laci’s essay that your getting today. Are your panties wet?

I bet they are.

Wish this was you? call Me. 1-888-733-2243

Mistress Randi www.callsexyrandi.com