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panty boy’s laundry day is only interrupted by phonesex calls

sissy pantyboy phonesex
On Monday afternoons Eve’s panty boy hurry’s home after work because it’s laundry day.  As well as taking care of the regular laundry he must wash all those pretty panties out by hand and then hang them out to dry. I supplied him with has his own drying rack which he sets up on the patio for all the neighbors to see.  It has become quite a spectacle!  The lady next door is generally on her patio watching him as he hangs each pair up with great care.  I supervise and inspect the entire operation which seems to amuse all my neighbors.

Of course the whole operation is put on hold when a men calls for phonesex. The laundry boy must go and wait in his room until the phonesex call is over and the man cums.  Poor panty boy is even cuckolded by each and every phonesex call! 

The more calls his Goddess receives the longer it will take to complete his chore… so it has been known the laundry boy has worked into the night! 

You too can interrupt panty boy by calling Eve!



Sissy Phonesex

WOW!! I caught you again sissy in my shoes… What do you think Miss Amber should do  about  this?? If you were a  good sissy I might reward you…empty that bag and show me what else you have of mine! Now’s time for you to confess all your dirty lil secrets you’ve been hiding from me – Call me at once!!



Pretty British Phonesex

Hello pet;

I trust you are dressed pretty for Me?!

I prefer My sissy, pansy little girls dressed in something frilly and slutty all wrapped up into one!

you know luv, I have had lots of experience with “your sissy kind”, and really get very wet, and excited at the thought of transforming you, from the good little prissy girl, to the wild, wanton, sissy slut that is waiting inside.

Have you received any training as yet, pet?  Well, it certainly hasn’t been My kind of sissy training I can assure you of that! *chuckle*

Give me a ring luv, and let Me see what I have to work with in you!

Ta for now

Madame Libby



My newest little sissy phone sex


Hi girlies,

 Just thought that i would check in to tell you about my little sissy friend. She called me one night all dressed up. His wife had and unexpected weekend trip and he was all alone. He has been a crossdresser and a sissy for years but his wife of 4 years had no idea. As soon as he dropped her off at the airport he rushed home to get ready for me. He wore a short golden blond wig, a black lacy bra, a low cut lace bikini, fishnet nylons, and 4 in stilleto fuck me pumps. You girls know what those are, don’t you? He called me to ask my opinion about clothes and makeup. I told him to wear a nice a line skirt with a center slit and a low cut blouse. His wife had the perfect outfit and he could wear it. I decided that he should wear smoky eyes and a nice red stain lipstick. She sent me a pic using her webcam. She looked so delicious if I may say so myself. I love playing dress up with sissies. NExt time I’ll tell you girls how much fun we had at the movies. The movie wasn’t the only thing that sucked, lol.


866 239 2972


small dick humiliation phonesex


Hi guys,

Well maybe I should say girls. I have never seen a dick so small in my life. It may as well be a clit or something. You can’t possibly be a man with that thing. We may as well begin the sissy lessons because you’ll never please a woman with that little pencil dick of yours. I have the perfect pair of panties for you. They’re pink and lacy. Perfect for you little clitty. I’ll teach you how to sit down to *** and everything. The nerve of you to want to stand up and ***, not with that thing honey. You may not even be worthy to lick my pussy. You haven’t had humiliation until you’ve called me. This phone sex will have you crying like a baby all night. Call me you cunt.


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Little Sexy Dress Phonesex

I have four of my favorite outfits layed out waiting on you sissies to call me. I want you to try each one of them on and model them for me. When I find the one that you look so hot in that will be the one for the night. I will get you all dolled up making you look like the sexy sissy slut in town.

Once we are all done I want you to meet my boyfrind. I want you to get on your knees and suck his cock like you always dreamed of doing. I want you to tell me how that pre-cum taste. When he is done with you sucking his cock I want you to let him bend you over and slide his cock inside of your tight little pussy. I want you to sit back and enjoy the ride that he gives you. And when he fills your pussy with his cum I might let you release your.    




sissy Phonesex with Mistress Randi

Yes pet, I don’t post in here often ! So feel blessed by My Superior words.

 you think you can hide behind that mans clothing, but I can see right through you.  I know that your a worthless sissy slut, that just adores the very ground I walk on, or the breathe that I take.

Other Mistresses may be your friend, so to speak, I will allow you no illusions. I am Mistress Randi, your Goddess, your desire, your everything.

My attentions come at a price. In order to please Me, you shall come to Me on bended knee prepared to serve and please. I will do as I so desire with you, whether it be for My Own enjoyment, or the pleasure of others.

you will obey, and be studious with your training. Now come to Me sissy slut…it is time to begin your sissy training My way.


Mistress Randi



Take that cock you sissy phonesex


Hi girlies,

I know what you crave. You want a nice innocent looking girl to pound a big strap on cock right up your little pussy. Well maybe you have changed your mind but its too late. My cock is already sliding into you and i’m not going to stop. Can you feel me deep inside you? I want to hear you squeal like a pig. Beg me to stop if you want, I don’t care. If I really want to have some fun I’ll grab my friend Mike. He loves shoving his cock down the throat of sissies. Making them swallow his cum like little sluts. I know you want to suck that cock baby. Your secret’s safe with me. Well, that is as long as you stay in line. I record every session just in case you decide to get bitchy with me. I’ll show your friends and family what a big cumslut you are. I’ll tell them about how you wear panties to work and pantyhose around the house when your wife is out. You will be humilated. But don’t worry, as long as you are a nice obedient slut your secret will be safe.



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Cbt, Domination, extreme Phone Sex

Those balls wil belong to Me, if cbt phone sex gets you off wait till you’ve tried My version of cbt phonesex.  I will use them, abuse them and if your lucky choose to own them.

Is Domination phone sex what you need?  Do you beg to serve?  I can go from mild to toal extreme, I strongly suggest you make any limits you have known to me. 

Grab all those whips, paddles, and other favs you have and lets see how much of Me you can handle.






So you want to play dress-up? Ive been waiting on you. I love dressing up my little sissy slut and then pimping him out. my favorite part is that I get to do what I want to with you first. Then everyone else can see what a sissy whore you are.
and if you dont want to go along along with the idea at first I will force you to be sissy slut we all know you are.
So if you are ready to be my sissy slut go grab your dress clothes and make up and I am going to grab my strap-on and we will play.
p.s. If you are really good I might let you wear my boots.