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Sissy Gagging Slut Phone Sex

Just come to Me and serve. If you call Me then you better want to be My slut. I don’t want to hear any whining when I shove My strap-on down your throat either. Good gagging sluts know what’s good for them and they take it all. I guarantee you’ll have some fun getting it deep.




phonesex sissy boys~Welcome to Cell Block C

Goddess Eve loves to torment sissy boys


Chapter One: Terrible Consequences!

Sweet suzy was a precious sissy boy blessed with the most extraordinary natural feminine qualities. As well as being the most perfect looking sissy she was a sweet pathetic soul who would never ever dream of harming anyone. suzy lived an idyllic sissy lifestyle serving her beloved beautiful Mistress.

It all came to an abrupt end one hot humid summer day!

On that fateful afternoon sissy suzy was given the task of walking Mistresses elegant silky hounds. Dressed in skin tight pink capri’s, matching crop top, heels and cap suzy set out to perform her task. As they reached the park the over excited hounds had managed to twist and tangle their leashes together. While trying to untangle her charges suzy was not looking at where she was going and had the misfortune of running head first into sissy crystal!

crystal was an angry nasty sissy who was feared by the whole town. she was mean and ugly with a checkered past. The rumour around town was sissy crystal would flatten anyone who got in her way. You did not want to fuck with her!

crystal’s anger was about to explode with terrible consequences!

When suzy realized it was nasty crystal she had run into she knew she could be in trouble. Nasty sissy crystal took one look at suzy’s perfection and proceeded to haul off and hit her smack dab on her delicate little turned up nose. The force of the punch knocked suzy on her ass, frightening Mistresses hounds wrenching their leashes from her hand. They bolted across the park finding a large tree to hide behind to safely watch the sissy fight.  Dazed and confused suzy didn’t have a chance to get up before the nasty angry sissy punched her again.

Who would have dreamt the little sissy would fight back! No one knew Mistress supervised Her sissy in daily strength training. Push-ups, sit-ups, even a punching bag were deemed necessary by Mistress. It was not for suzy’s benefit per say, the focus was on Her sissies ability to be able to satisfy all of Mistresses sexual and physical demands.

suzy returned the assault by pinning crystal to the ground with her sweet delicate ass. The little sissy took her fists and pummelled the nasty sissies face over and over again until the last fatal blow!

It was a dark cold day in the small town when sweet suzy was sentenced to life for the demise of nasty sissy crystal!

prisoner #S14593 sissy suzy

Welcome to Cell Block C

Goddess Eve

Boys will be toys phonesex

Here is a word for you.  Masturbatrix.  As my pet I will be in control of your Masturbation.  1.how you do it.  2. where you do it.  3. how often you do it. I will often put you on a schedule.  I may milk all that cum out of you over and over in one session.  I may not allow you to cum for days.  You Masturbate for my pleasure, not yours.

Lubrication is an essential item to have when you call me.  I will have you position your hands in specific positions and jack-off in certain directions.  I need you to use allot of lubrication because I want to hear you stroking.

Call Sylvia







More than just a Boy in a Dress Phonesex





Every boy out there can put on a dress and call himself a sissy! But that is not enough for my sissies! My sissies have to be the sexiest sissies out there! I mean it is my reputation that your are playing with. So, don’t you dare just slip a dress over your head and then tell someone your my sissy!

Being the best sissy you can be is what is required. This is part science and part art! The science of being a sissy will help you learn which dress makes you look the sexiest! What accessories you need to make it a complete ensemble. How to show off all those attributes. How to highlight your eyes to give them that come hither look. And with the right technique, you can make those lips look so juicy and inviting! And, of course, the right wig can make you look absolutely your most stunning self ever!

But, it goes way beyond that! Now for the art of being a sissy. Not just a boy dressed in a dress….but a woman from head to toe. A woman who knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it! To get to that point, you have to feel it deep within your soul! You have to walk like a hot sexy bitch, talk like a hot sexy bitch, look like a hot sexy bitch…and then learn how to flaunt it! And unless you feel this from deep within, you are just another slutty dressed sissy!

Mistress Mariah will teach you to look, act and feel feminine! Sissy lessons on how to move to the next level…how to become the woman you truly want to be. And unless you feel this from within, you can wear all the garters, silky frilly panties, push up bras, makeup and wigs you want….and you will still be just a little sissy slut!

Experience the ultimate feminization. Call Mistress Mariah and let’s uncover the true woman within you! And after you begin to feel the power of being a woman….then the fun lessons begin!






Cum and play the “Dirty Mind Game” in Phonesex Chat tonight

Sultry Danni loves to play with sissys

Once again we are hosting our Dirty Mind Game in our phonesex chat room.  Drop by and see if your mind is dirtier then us phonesex girls!  You just may win the grand prize of 5 free minutes added to your next phonesex call.

We do have an entry fee which is real simple all you need to do to enter is to vote for our banner at phonesexcentral.  For details stop by early and one of the lovely ladies will show you how it is done.

Game time is 10:00 pm est.- 7:00 pm pst.

See you there boys!

Sultry Danni

Looking for a few good men Phonesex

I throw the best parties. I always have. When I plan a major bash it always starts off with a private bet between a couple of friends and I. The bet is to see if and how fast I can turn the manliest looking guy into My slutty little sissy bitch and I gotta tell ya, I haven’t lost one yet. lmao
I’m not above shady tactics and serious manipulation either. I always get the job done. By the end of the night he’s wearing my panties and heels, begging to suck my strap-on. In my eyes every man has a little cum guzzling sissy whore in him just begging to get out and I’m the woman who knows just how to make that happen.




For the sissy girl in you phonesex

Let’s have some fun!
I can help you get ready for that big date, your first
cocksucking experience, your first cum eating, what’s
your pleasure?

There are lots of things we can do to
get you on your way to becoming a first-class sissy
gurl, there’s lots of things to teach you. For instance,
are you into servitude?

Do you dream of serving tea
to your Mistress and her friends in a frilly french maid

Or do you just love dress-up time, you know
the times when your wife or daughter is away is away and you reach into
her drawer and feel the silky undergarments?

even try something on? It’s fine, I’ll get you through it…

Miss Re’nee


Phonesex wimpers

Clean Up, Strap-On Phone Sex

I had so much fun using a little panty slut today! He felt so nervous when he called I could almost hear him trembling on the other line. But I assured him that everything was going to be okay and he and I were going to have a good time. I knew that the little slut wanted to be used so I told him exactly what I wanted. I had a big thick strap-on that I needed cleaned from the last sissy who came by. I promptly ordered the little slut to her knees and told her that it was time to be a good clean up slut. She opened her mouth and put her tongue out obediently and I pushed my thick wet cock against that mouth. “Suck!” I ordered her…and she began to taste and lick the big black thickness in her face. She could taste my other sissy’s tight litttle twat juice and she loved it…dirty sissy slut.



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Another week another Phonesex Contest Winner!

Mistress Maggie loves to play with sissy boys

Phonesex Contest Winner

It’s that time again!

This weeks winner of the free 15 minutes phonesex call goes to “kw32”


I bet you would like to win too sissy boy?  It’s real simple all you need to do to enter is vote for our banner on phonesexcentral.  For details stop by our phonesex chatroom and we will show you how it’s done.

If it’s a MILF Mistress you need sissy boy call Milf Maggie.  I will share my experience and lend you a hand with your sissy training.