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Hi, I’m Olivia Darling and you and I will have a great time together because I understand sissies. Now I like girls who enjoy being themselves and take the time to be the best they can be.

In my “Darling” Club you’re helped with whatever you need to be comfortable. Maybe it’s your outer dress or undergarments or shoes. We’ll search for what works for you. You may even take me along with you when you shop. You girls who are more advanced and into make-up can get help also.

What about voice control? Interested? And what happens when you graduate? ..Your own personal perfume to match your personality. Give me a call and find out what your first step toward being a “Darling Girl” is.

Now there’s something to be said for the Sissy who could care less about the window dressing. There’s nothing quite like a flamboyant girl, I love’m. They know what they want and how to get it. These girls I love to hear about their “nights before” or the ‘biggest ones” they’ve taken. Listening to the excitement in their voices when they talk about their “Bulls” or liking to be called dirty names and pounded by them.

Closet Sissies are always welcome. It’s good to have someone to share good or bad experiences with and I’m always willing to listen. I’m your girlfriend with who you can share all those exciting “firsts”. I’m never judgmental but willing to nudge you in the right direction.