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Officer Sissy Phonesex

A pair of black heels with dogtags draped over them

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

She sat on the side of the road in her patrol car. Uniform finely pressed, badge shined to perfection pinned on her firm chest. To the outside world, she looked all male. Masculine and pulsing with authority. Those sexy dark shades were hiding the lust-filled desire in her brown eyes. What the world would never know was under those deep blue slacks was a pair of fishnet pantyhose. The soft nylon cradled her caged clit above aching balls.

While she should have been watching the speed trap she was set in charge of; Officer Sissy was instead allowing me to control her prostate massager.

Officer Sissy


States apart, it didn’t matter. Nothing would keep me from teasing my dressed-up sissy on duty. She had me dialed up in her ear; I could hear the raspy raddle of dispatch as they exchanged information. My finger stroked up and down the lovense app, and I giggled to listen to my girls gasp in reaction. Officer Sissy is just the cutest when I get her talking about shoes.

You’d never guess how antsy a girl could get while talking about pumps and stilettoes. Add in some out of their control prostate milking, and that’s where she starts to squirm. That’s when my girl begins to get flustered. She’s tougher than most sissy’s. My naughty officer can take a lot of teasing before begging to be filled. I don’t think my girl has ever begged. She simply endures all of the teasings I send her way.

It’s a good thing she can because just when the playing gets good, and her cage begins to leak, Officer sissy is called out on duty, and I have to hang up—leaving her teased and denied until the end of her shift.


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270