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Sissy Phonesex with Miss Mona

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mona. I am a former model and party girl. As a result, I have a taste and knowledge of the finer things in life, especially fashion. And, this love has translated into adoration of sissification and feminization of select worthy men.

Allow me to quickly tell you about my situation. I am married to a boring man. Seems like he is never in this big old house. While he has left me with everything my heart desires material-wise, he ignores my sexual desires.

Consequently, he knows nothing about my love of dressing up and playing with feminine men. While I enjoy it mostly from a visual and dominant point of view, occasionally a man that has submitted to his feminine desires also turns me on sexually. And there’s nothing like fucking a hard cock that’s hiding under a skirt.

Exclusive, Erotic, Sensual Feminization
However, not just any sissy is worthy of Miss Mona’s keen eye and attention. As a result, I am looking for the best of the best. Just putting on a pair of panties doesn’t make you a sissy.
For that reason, I am only looking for true commitment. I am looking for a sissy that follows my instructions and learns and grows.

Consequently, I will be very strict in the beginning. Sissification is not a joke to me and should it be to you, you’ll face my wrath and punishment.
While my methods may seem extreme, you’ll find it’s worth it. You know you were born to live as a girl. And under my tutelage, that dream can become a reality.
Sissy phone sex is one of my passions. And you’re lucky that I’m currently accepting new sissies. As a result, I look forward to meeting new students, worthy of my time and my worldly knowledge. Think you have what it takes? We shall see my darlings, won’t we?

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