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Just an update on some of My better sissy’s

Pay attention sissy laurie, sissy laci, sissy tina, sissy dani, sissy francine, and of course you little sissy bitch christina.

sissy laurie, now here’s a treat ! The nasty little bitch is really very sassy, and often needs to be fucked hard just to make her listen. But, I have a special punishment for her, she will learn how to beg and cry by the time I am finished with her.

sissy laci, a sweet thing! Although, laci dear is running behind on her assignments, she does try to focus and listen. she has a wonderful sense of fashion about her, and is very obedient, loyal and devoted. you go girl, your doing wonderful!

sissy tina, is still in denial, silly girl! Sometimes it takes Me a bit to get her under control, and out of the silly belief that there is a macho man, under those panties. But she is coming along. Now curtsey for me tina dear.

sissy dani, still having a problem realizing that Mistress is always right! Although, she does seem to be learning some of these, she still has a long ways to go, and doesn’t call regularly enough for assignments. It is a shame, it is her loss.

sissy francine, My # 1 sissy, what a little bitch she has been lately! Not paying attention, ignoring her assignments, not dressed for Me when she should be. Just a real shame to sissyhood! Don’t take any lessons from her girls, that would just land you in trouble. she is well on her way to being knocked down a notch or two!

Then W/we have the little bitch christina, pretty new to My stable, but learning rapidly! I love to humiliate her, tease her and make her go out in public! you should ask her how she likes her milkshakes. lol, Sucking on that straw like a good little slut. The guy you were sending kisses to, I’m sure loved it.

Well, that’s just an update on some of My relatively good sissy’s, you’ll notice I didn’t mention any of the BAD sissy’s, they still need a lot of lessons, to be mentioned by Me.

Well girls, don’t forget the sucking practise, and the curtseys.

mmmm, I do believe My blatter is full, I wonder who I should give that gift?

Mistress Randi