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Jessica Needs a Sex Machine Mechanic

sissy Jessica poses by sex machine

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Jessica is a good girl. She uses her sex machine regularly to keep herself in tip-top shape. Okay, maybe she uses it a little more than regularly. She’s the type of girl who likes to be prepared, but this time, girlfriend played a little too hard!

She was all dressed up, looking so sexy on her hands and knees while the machine pounded away as it should. Her cage felt so tight, but her pussy felt too good to stop. Then, between moans, she started to hear a strange humming sound from behind. Trying to ignore it, she started pushing back on the fat dildo opening her pussy, but the humming turned to a whirring, and then… The machine stopped altogether! Jessica needed a mechanic STAT!

Jessica Needs a Sex Machine Mechanic


Still stuffed full of her toy, Jessica pulled out her phone and dialed for help! The 1800-MrFixIt line said they’d send over a qualified mechanic right away. So she hung up, hopeful that he’d soon be here to fix her favorite toy. She wiped the drool from her cage and put on a fresh pair of panties just before the doorbell chime.

She scurried to answer the door and was delighted with what she saw. A tall, handsome man wearing jeans and a fitted tee smiled back at her, his toolbelt draped from one hip. “You needed a mechanic?”

Jessica, holding in a moan, pointed towards the bedroom. She showed him the broken machine, and he smirked as he looked her up and down. “I see the problem.” He pushed her hair back from her shoulder. “A girl like you needs the real deal.” He opened his pants and out sprung a fat ten-inch dick already harder than the floppy jelly dildo attached to the machine.

Jessica licked her lips and got to work!


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270