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Humiliation of a Sissy

“Juicy” Jody 844-33CANDY ext 332

Humiliation of a sissy has become one of my favorite things. What’s more fun than taking you and your sissy clit, and treating you like the slut you are? You need to understand that being a girl like you comes with consequences. I plan to take full advantage of your sissy lessons, probably more for my pleasure than yours. But who knows. It depends on the sissy.

Sissy Humiliation

It starts of easily enough. You are dressed up already. The outfit isn’t great, but it will suffice considering what I’m about to do to you. You did ask for this – you, with your boy pussy, dressed up in panties like it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen. I’ve brought my own set of goodies – various sized strap-ons, butt plugs and vibrators. Time to begin sissy training – and part of that is humiliation.

I’m going to start off being somewhat nice to you. Laying you on your back and using a smaller strap on with a lot of lube sounds like the best idea. I’ll be gentle because I can be; at first anyway. That doesn’t mean that all of this is going to be so easy on you or your boy-pussy. Clearly, though, from your reaction, you are enjoying this dick. Maybe a little too much.

It’s a good thing the strap-ons are easy to change out, because the smallest one isn’t doing justice to what feeling a real man’s dick is like. So I am going to change it now. Nine and a half inches sounds like a good plan to me. You look intimidated, but it may be about to get worse for you. Missionary was also too simple. This time, I’m taking you bent over. And make sure you put a pillow underneath the little clit of yours so you have something to catch the cum. You’re going to need it.

I’ll still use lube, because I don’t want to completely destroy you. I’m not cruel; at least, not today. And I’ll even be nicer – I’ll enter slowly, making sure that you can feel every inch but that it still gives you some pleasure for now. But that is just the first thrust. I speed up and go a little bit harder every single time, until you’re moaning – partly from being slightly uncomfortable and partly because it feels damn good.

It really doesn’t take long for you to be almost screaming as you cum into that pillow I made you position earlier. And as you’re finishing, I pull out, pull you down so your face lines up with that same pillow and tell you to taste it. You wanna be a female right? My good little sissy slut? Then taste it. A good sissy swallows but for now, since we are practicing for the day you take a real dick, you will just have to lick it up for a taste.

Sissy lesson number one, complete.



844-33CANDY ext 332