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No no girl, you have to look like you want the cock. Kiss it. Hold it gently but familiarly. Look hungry in your eyes. That’s right girl. A few tears really add to it too, boys love that. I know you’re just wanting to learn to be a woman darling, but women love cock. You wanted to be a woman and you’re not going to just be a lesbian trapped in a mans body. I think what you need is a little girl therapy.

This is all part of your therapy. There we go. Let it slide past your lips, good girls swallow. You’re going to love doing this when your chest is bouncing, when your slowly building slap-able ass is all spread out and pretty when you’re kneeling before a real man, just like a normal woman.

Trust me honey if you want to be a real girl we have to remove any desire for women in you, because you can’t be turned on by how you’re dressed silly, that would eliminate the point. So just repeat in your head…

Sucking cock makes me happy. I am a cock sucker. I love sucking cock. It’s my job. I love my job. I love being a woman, women suck cocks, I am a woman who sucks cocks. Sucking cock makes me happy..

You know this is what you’ve always wanted. You’ve always wanted to be a woman, a real woman. A real woman loves men, a real woman loves cock. The woman inside you wants a man to make a woman of her. You’re going to become a woman. You’ve already became a woman. Complete your transformation. Become a complete woman. Follow your girl therapy. A man will make you complete, you will become a complete woman.


1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245