Fun at the Glory Hole Phoneses

Sex Kitten Lyric 1-844-332-2639 x247

Hey hey you cum guzzling sissy boy.  I bet I know what you are in the mood for and craving.  I know you want to down on your knees like a good little cock sucking whore.  How about I take you to a glory hole, get you down on your knees with your mouth wide open.  I need to get you ready for your first cock which you will devour as it slips through that hole.

That meaty and veiny dick needs to be drained dry.  That mushroom swollen head needs your tongue licking it and sucking it.  How about you suck it a little harder.  Hearing moans on both sides of the wall gets my panties soaked.  I need you to take the entire dick in your cunt mouth.  Keep slurping that swollen dick.  Drain those balls. 

Once he shoots that load deep in your mouth, drink that jizz and swallow every drop of it.

When we play and fuck around, I will get you the juiciest and the meatiest dicks for your to devour and suck dry.  Cum play with this Sex Kitten 😉