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Ivana Danger Sissy Superstar Phonesex

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“Oh, yes, looking good, sexy girl!” “Show us those tits!” “Nice assIVANA!

He was clad in panties, a padded bra, short skirt, low cut blouse and high heels. Clinging to his long toned legs were sheer pantyhose under which every single hair had been ripped out out by the waxing treatment given to him by the prison guards. Now they were leading him in chains down the concrete corridor of Cellblock D, maximum security prison in Belarus, Eastern Europe. A makeshift runway had been erected and the intensely masculine, hardened criminals were getting the show of their life as Ivan Denosovitch–now known as Ivana Danger– was putting on a sexy sissy fashion show for their amusement –and arousal.

But this was not where the nightmare of humiliation and burning shame had begun. It started a week ago, when the Belarusian Secret Police had discovered his deepest, darkest secret. He was a cross dresser. 

The day had started off typically with his wife off at work and him working from home. However, he could not resist the yearning, aching desire to put on her pantyhose and sexiest dress, to lie on the bed wearing her bra, and fingering the hem of the skirt. As a result, his mind began to drift sensually….

And then they burst in. “Ivan Denosovitch? Your disgusting, shameful secret has been discovered. We have been observing you for some time. You are a degenerate cross-dresser. You are under arrest.”

He shook as they bound his wrists tightly, painfully, in the handcuffs. They pulled him out onto the street, still dressed in his wife’s clothes. Before the horrified eyes of his neighbours, they violently shoved him into the back of the transport vehicle. Then they sped off into the continuing nightmare of the unknown.


To Be Continued.

 JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262