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First Class Sissy Education – Graduate “Cum” Laude

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

First Class Sissy Education. You definitely need a lot of training. Sure, so many offer sissy and faggot training but they are not all the same. There are a lot of nuances and special things you need in order to be real sissy slut. You need a guide/tutor to help you with the process. Just call me the  dean of the College of Cocksucking. This business has become quite lucrative. You need a mentor who knows all about fashion and makeup and everything you need to become a true femme.  We will cover everything to complete your sissy identity.

First Class Sissy Education – “Cum” Laude

First, you need to identify as a female and that requires. We will work to you clue into your inner diva and cultivate a name that expresses your newfound female energy. Of course we will customize your look. And you will need to work on those cocksucking skills. You and I both know how you crave a big, juicy cock shoved down that sissy throat. And we also know how badly you want to swallow all of that cum. But this is going to require some hard work on your part. You have to earn the grade when that cock.

Is the training hard? Not half as hard as all of those cocks that will be in your sissy mouth, LOL. You will need to be primed and ready for many cocksucking sessions in the near future. You are going to work for it and I mean work hard. Is it worth it? Definitely. You will be tickled pink when you realize your accomplishments.

I definitely expect academic excellence when it comes to honing your sissy skills. Let’s see if you can make this Dean’s List.

Are you ready to be educated?

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230