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Feminization for His Future

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I once knew a lovely young man, a student of mine in fact, who’s father had unfortunately passed to prison life because of his embezzlement, meaning his substantial inheritance would be seized when he came of age. It also meant he wouldn’t be able to attend my school anymore. Two things I didn’t want, but thankfully those lips where so kissable and frame so delicate. Feminization for his future is his only safe bet.

Girls schools may not be a standard in America, but they certainly are in England, and you’d be surprised what a bit of clever work could be done to siphon money to a young, unrelated, lady over sea’s. In fact once I’d prepared her and taught her how to move, sit, speak, talk, look and think? You’d have never known the difference, and what few things I couldn’t quite hammer down, schooling did oh so well for me by the strict British mistresses instilling within my little boi friend all the skills needed for a lady of standing.

During her breaks when she came home I went about insuring with the money we had while we took more she developed quite naturally, of course she wasn’t happy about the collagen or the implants, especially not the hormones during Christmas, but by the time summer came she spared not a glance at the apple shaving, and well.

Next Christmas she was begging for the cropping of her useless male remnants.

And where is our lovely lady now? Well her money well drawn away and her old self vanished, she’s a comfortable pretty thing who’s educated, classy, and unbelievable at cunt munching when she’s not fucking the headmaster of my own school for me. Of course she’s still with me. Feminization for his future gave HER a future.

Every teacher of my caliber needs an assistant teacher, and she’s already thinking about some of the boys in our class in delicious ways I wholly endorse.


1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245