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Facial Time – Like Face Time But For Sissies!

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

What is it about you sissy whores that makes you love a sticky cum facial so much? I’ve talked to so many cum loving shanks; lately I’ve decided to set up something called facial time. It’ll be a video messaging service I’ll offer, much like face time (Minus my face, lol rules is rules), and you’ll need to get into position.

If you are at a glory hole or have someone over, good, I wanna see them blow on your slut tongue. Stick out your bubblegum pink tongue and cross your eyes; let me hear you say, “Nnnggghhh.” Now, if you are alone, you have to do all the work! A good sissy still needs a load on her face. Fold yourself up, aim your clit stick at your face and blow for me.

Facial Time – Like FaceTime But For Sissies!


Facial time is so much fun for me. Watching you stroke and beg for a face full of cum. A sissy load is not often as big and thick and creamy as a real man’s load, but it’ll do for now. Something is better than nothing, and I wanna see something! When you’ve finally drained those sissysacks, you can right yourself and show off the splatter.

Did it land on your face as I hoped? Or were you too short and not powerful enough of a shot to cum on your own chin? Did it reach your lips or somewhere your tongue can sweep out and clean up a portion of your facial time selfie? If you were an extra horny girl, I’d expect those cum loads to rain over your cheek and nearly catch a fake eyelash!

So who’s ready to show off what a cum slurping good girl they are for me during a hot lil facial time?!



Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357