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Every Girl Should Be Like Jessica!

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Every sissy girl should strive to be like my Jessica! This boy had been being all flirty with her, and when he finally asked her out, she invited him to a swingers club! Can you say best first date ever?! She got all dressed up, sexy ass lingerie, hair and makeup all fixed up, and the HOTTEST shoes ever! Jessica really knows how to put a whole look together.

She checked in with me a few times to let me know how the date was going and let’s just say it was very fulfilling!

Every Girl Should Be Like Jessica!


Jessica was a bit sore this morning, and I had to know all of the sexy first date details! Now, I can’t give away all of her secrets but let’s just go over the highlights, shall we?

Her naughty date blew a hot load on her face (The picture is so sexy) and then made her do a hot cum walk of shame. Jessica said it got her a lot of attention, as you can imagine! I’m sure all of the girls were jealous, and the boys all wanted to get some of her attention.

My hot slut ended up on her knees with her date stroking her prostate from behind and some other cock spit roasting her by fucking her mouth. Don’t think this sexy girl was just taken advantage of! Oh no, she got as good as she gave! Cumming all over herself in a too hot to-handle sissygasm.



Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270