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Crossdressing Sissies

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Crossdressing sissies are so interesting to me.  I have a few who have been with me for a long time even after training is over.  Girls, you know how we shop for that special outfit. Every thread is to be inspected.  The color has to be a certain hue, and the shape has to be just so therefore has to have all accessories matching. The newest photo I received shows her walking her dog early morning in full dress.  Her navy blue leggings with a matching hoody pulled over her head. The face is in full makeup and the wig is brushed, the nail polish to match, Ugg’s shoes round out her outfit.  You would never believe it is the same sissy I started out with. For one thing, I couldn’t get her to go out even at the night.

Crossdressing Sissies

Another sissy doesn’t dress completely but loves to wear panties.  She says just slipping the smooth silky panties on makes her mouth water for cock  furthermore she likes them sexy too, even some french cut styles.  That should tell you she doesn’t have much to hide, lol.  Her little clitty fits perfectly in them.  Her skin is so smooth because she takes such good care of it with a skincare routine.  Oh and not just her face because in the same way, she takes care of her entire body.  No hair on this smooth girl and lotion is a must.  She should invest in Nair, lol.  I am hoping my newest sissy crossdresser will follow my instructions and have the same results.  Sad to say it doesn’t always work because they find out it is not what they expected.  Come on join my classes and be the sissy crossdresser you want to be.

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~