Morning Hormones

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

We moved into this house about six months ago, and I have been missing my girlfriends since day one. We used to hang out so often, and I miss the girly giggles and constant mix of drama. After the first few weeks, I got this tingling of an idea. I knew it was naughty, but I couldn’t help it! I was so only!

My Son is always busy in his room or hanging with his friends, and my husband works so much that he tends to eat and go right to bed when he comes home. So I knew just how to create a new best friend! At the beginning of the second month in our new home, I started dropping hormone tablets into my husband’s morning coffee.

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Freaky Friday Sissy Switch Phone Sex

Sexy Red Head Wearing Pink Lingerie Teddy Holding Floral Coffee Cup Thinking Freaky Thoughts

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

Every night you’ve been going to bed and wishing that you could wake up as a woman. You want to have long gorgeous hair, sexy lingerie, and an hourglass figure. It looks like your wish has come true! It appears that some type of Freaky Friday situation has happened. You wake up in my body and realize that you only have a limited amount of time before we switch back!

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Tag Teaming A Sissy With Vixen Jade and TS Alexus Phone Sex

Could you take both of us teasing and taking you down at the same time? From my enticing muscular thighs and Alexus’s cock we will be making you do such naughty things. We get so nasty and dirty when we tag team that sissy hole. Alexus is such a hot Ts her cock so delicious you won’t be able to resist her. Tag Teaming A Sissy With Vixen Jade and TS Alexus devours that sissy hole.

I have buckled my strap-on to my waist it’s a 13-inch one that will tear and stretch that sissy hole all the way out. Alexus will start off getting you drawn into her dirty ways. You will be on the edge of your chair wanting to bounce right up and down on her TS cock.

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Be My Hole Phonesex

Sexy blonde TS in tiny blank gstring laying on her side with nautural tits.

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349 

I’ve had a long, annoying day. Bend over and be my hole. Look at how quickly you rush to obey. What a good little hole you are for my shecock. I’ve been rock hard since I walked in the door, and I’m going to pound my frustration into your sissy pussy.

You do know that’s what little pussy holes are for, don’t you? For Alpha cocks like me to use and abuse. Did you think I was going to fuck you and care about your pleasure? HA, come on. Even you aren’t that much of a bimbo.

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Sissy Confession Phone Sex by Miss Kathy

young brunette girl in orange tank top and shorts on toilet

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

This blog was thankfully submitted by Miss Kathy aka Aaron. I haven’t deserved a permanent female name just yet! I’m supposed to graduate from my sissy stage and prove that I can pass as a woman before Gianna agrees to call me Kathy all the time. 

I stare at that photo of Gianna and get jealous. I prefer it when she wears nice dresses and pantyhose but I think about what it will be like to finally have breasts of my own. I’ll look down and adjust my bra just like she is! I can’t stop thinking of looking down and seeing my new C cup breasts hovering over my pantyhose covered thighs. 

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Feminization Office Thriller Phone Sex Part Three!

sexy young brunette wearing vintage dress and stockings and high heels

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Make sure to read Part Two of this thriller story before diving in. Aaron woke up feeling groggy and confused. He couldn’t move his arms or legs. It seemed like he was in a medical room. A beautiful Nurse walked up and removed his mask and said “You have been recovering for awhile. You won’t feel comfortable for a few weeks but I commend you for taking your feminization so seriously!” Aaron seriously couldn’t remember where he was or why he was there. He looked down and saw that he had a new pair of C-Cup breasts!

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Feminization Office Thriller Phone Sex Part Two!

sexy brunette office girl wearing rose in hair with vintage dress and stockings and high heels

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Catch up by reading Part One of this story to know why Aaron is currently trembling in the stiff office chair as he faces his boss about the perverted pantyhose porn incident! He sat there while she scolded him for even thinking it was okay to look at such inappropriate content in an office full of women! “Do you know how uncomfortable you have made Mina? She obviously is going to tell the other girls in the office about this. I just can’t have you employed here anymore!”

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Willow’s Forced Feminization Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

He really deserved it. My dad’s friend, Dan had made a total ass of himself. He was chauvinistic and inappropriate. He had groped me and made sexual overtures while my dad was out of the room. Daddy’s assistant, however had witnessed the whole thing. I tried to pass it off as he had just had to much to drink, etc., but Ruth Anne said, don’t worry baby girl, I will handle it.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that Ruth Anne, the middle-aged, unassuming personal assistant to my daddy for the last 14 years, was also closely connected with a secret female society. They called themselves SOA (The Sisterhood Of Artemis) It consisted of powerful women in various industries and business. Ruth Anne made one phone call, whispering instructions to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

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Tom’s Sissy Trap Training Phone Sex


TOM 1-844-332-2639, extension 342

When you look in the mirror are you disgusted by what you see? Do you imagine that you are actually a petite female? Soft complexion and great tits? A tight, little pussy? That’s your dream, isn’t it?

Once a soft, curvy, hourglass figure was only for actual females, but now days you can actually be trained to be a passable “trap”. What is a “sissy trap”? It’s a boy who looks so feminine that he can pass for a she. He can trap a hetero male into thinking he’s with a real girl.

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Office Temp Feminization Part Two Phone Sex!

Office Temp Feminization

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Catch up on our favorite office temp’s forced feminization situation by reading Part One of this story. Kathy and Alicia were sitting in Cynthia’s office listening to her ramble off all the repercussions that she could take if they don’t handle this appropriately. “Aaron, I mean Kathy, you do realize how hard it will be for you to find another job if I speak to your Temp Agency? I could tell them that you violated company rules and entered the office after hours. I could also tell them that you’ve been using our facility to conduct inappropriate workplace behavior by crossdressing and goofing around. You’re lucky that you’re a good worker… otherwise I would have no choice but to terminate you.”

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