Hey sissy girls;

Exciting news ! I have just started another website, just for My sissy sluts.

Check out www.sissyphonefantasy.com and watch it grow.

I will be setting up a page with sissy tasks, sissy training schedules and maybe even a sissy chat.

I know you all are so excited, but keep your panties on sluts! Join Me, for great sissy hints and sissy contests. That’s right there will be a monthly sissy contest for all you sissy and panty sluts to enter.

Win something girly from Mistress, or maybe if your really lucky some free time with Mistress Randi. The prize will be different each month, first one to enter will be posted here and on www.sissyphonefantasy.com check back soon for details.

Don’t forget to call Mistress Randi for your sissy lessons. 1-888-733-2243

Bye for now.
Mistress Randi


I am going to share sissy judiths story assignment. her assignment was to write a short story about her sissyhood and what it means to her.

Very good, judith. I am pleased.

Enjoy this girls, next time it may be your turn.

Mistress Randi

sissy judiths story

At first all i needed was the enjoyment of dressing.
i loved doing all of the little things involved with
my transforamtion. Taking a bath or shower, using
mositurizing lotions and perfumed spray mist. Doing
my makeup and seeing judith come alive in the mirror.
Slipping into lingerie, a nice dress, suit, or a pair
of pants; doing my hair, putting on jewelry, slipping
my stockinged feet into a nice pair of heels, and
getting the right handbag. Finally, when i was
finished, i enjoyed modeling in front of a full-length

Soon i realized that if i truly was to become the
woman that i wanted i needed more. i needed to
experience the extremes in life of an innocent, naive
woman under the control of a demanding Mistress.
Submission, obedience, humiliation, bondage, torture,
pain. Doing as told or suffering the consequences of
my disobedience. Raising welts upon the flesh of my
bottom and thighs with a wooden spoon because i had
been lax in honoring my Mistress with my time.
Sleeping with my wrists secured to the bedposts by the
sheer stockings i so enjoyed wearing that very day.
Being held captive by Her Gentlemen just for the
enjoyment of watching a pretty, well-dressed lady
react in extreme fear to being spread-eagled, raped
and ********* in all her openings, sucking the heels
of her shoes or the cock of a tormentor, whipped
savagely, stockinged feet tortured with cigarettes or
candle wax.

Strict obedience to a Mistress, a plaything for men.
This is judith’s place in life.

sissy judith


Well girlies, off with the bikini’s and on with the stockings! Fall is here, and that means a whole different look!

Over the summer, I have been working on some special treats for My girlies, you lucky sluts. This fall is bringing fresh new lessons, tasks and less freedom for you sluts.

I know your just cock hungry little whores, but before you get to visit Mistress’ “Red Light District” you will have to earn it.

you know what it takes to be a good sissy, and if you don’t then you have not been paying attention to your training.

Let us get started with a whole new sissy season, this one (as usual) is for Mistress.

Please Me, sluts.

Mistress Randi


Hello sissys;

I am going to share a link with you, to one of the most heart warming videos I have ever seen.

This video will make you shed a tear or two, so be sure to have a tissue ready. you don’t want to mess up your mascara!

Read the story, watch the video, and remember that even when your having a bad day, someone else has it lot worse.


Be good.

Mistress Randi


Hello My sissy girls;

The day you have been waiting for. I am going to give you My secrets of successfully sucking a big, thick, gorgeous cock! Pay close attention to detail, the detail is very important.

Down on My knees, in front of a gorgeous cock, is where I would love to spend most of My time! Of course, I always love to feel that same cock, (or even a different one at the same time) penetrate My lovely tight, wet pussy. But then what girl doesn’t!

My special way for worshipping a cock, (and W/we do know they need to be worshipped).

I like to slowly, unbutton His pants, teasing Him with My eyes looking up at Him, while I slowly slide My long fingernails gently into His pants and pull out My prize!

Tugging His pants down, I like to start with that huge set of balls. Licking, kissing and caressing I love to take His balls in My mouth and roll them around with My tongue. When I have totally savored His wonderous balls, I look at Him with My sexy eyes, and lick My tongue all the way up His shaft, this will usually cause Him to inhale sharply.

Running My wet, warm tongue around the head of His big mushroom headed cock, I make sure to make Him nice and wet. Opening My lips, I suck only the head of that manhood, using the tip of My tongue to play with that tiny little *** hole. (This will usually drive Him nuts).

Moistening My lips again, I take His big cock deep inside My mouth, and gently but firmly, start to suck on His throbbing dick ! Stroking the base of His cock with My hand, I suck as far down as I can get, but I never stop until I have worked His cock into My throat and can feel His large, tight balls on My chin and brushing up against My face. Sucking and teasing that cock, stroking with My hand and never leaving out those big balls, I am sure to get the treat that I am after. And W/we all know what that is, a big load of creamy, delicious cum to savor like a delectable treat.

Of course, a lot of the fun, comes from sucking that cock back to an intense erection, so that I can fuck it !

Well girls, grab those dildos and start practising ! you will have cocks to serve, worship and please if you belong to Me.

Now, send Me an email, and tell Me how you suck a thick, throbbing cock. I will post the best emails, right here.

Be good at being bad!

Mistress Randi


My cock sucking sissy sluts;

I have decided that it is time for a treat for you, lucky bitches. This post may be a bit long, but well worth it, so pay attention.

Firstly, I would like to thank sissy mary for her very generous tribute/gift to Me. sissy mary, I had a fabulous time, I will share with you My day. The day started with a morning spa, a beautiful pedicure and manicure. Next to the hair salon, where I had My hair trimmed, and conditioned (let Me tell you, that is awesome). Then I went for a very expensive luncheon of chilled seafood and a variety of salads and even spoiled Myself with a little sorbet!

Time for some shopping, I bought (or rather you did) a cute pair of capri pants, a very soft blouse to wear with them, and some of the softest, silkiest, sensuous stockings ! Of course, I just had to have the little lavendar bikini panties to go with them. lol

Then from there came My afternoon massage! A full 1 1/2 hours of the most gorgeous, large hands massaging My entire body ! By the time I left the massage salon, I felt like rubber. I was so relaxed, they had treated Me like royalty (just as I deserve). I came home that day, feeling at the top of the world. I had a date that evening, a nice dinner, good company and an exciting night (yes dear, He was that good).

Thank you again, sissy mary I had a wonderful day, and still have enough to do it again. It is nice to see that some of My sluts know how to treat their Mistress.

Now sluts, this posting I am going to start teaching you how to please a cock! What your role is, and exactly what your worth. So listen carefully.

you must be pleasing to the eye, most men are very visual characters! you should be dressed sexy, inviting, color matching, and showing the true slut within you.

your scent is very important, always be sure that you and your clothes are clean! A nice soft fragurance is best, you don’t want anything powerful, strong or manly. Once He is with you, you don’t want Him to fuck you quickly and then run to get away from you. you want Him to enjoy His time. He needs to be comfortable with His surroundings, (scent, cleanliness, and beauty).

The playing hard to get, is not something that a sissy slut should ever attempt. If you don’t or can’t please Him, another sissy will. you know that your position in life is to please Me, and to please a man, so being coy is not the answer.

Next, how to unzip those pants, and give Him what He really wants. (next week) Keep watching.

sissy judith, I am waiting to give you the punishment you deserve. Call Me, and I shall deal with you appropriately. I may even (in the next post) tell your sissy friends here, what nasty indescretions you have made. Perhaps, everyone should know!

sissy francine, get your collar on!

Later girls.

Mistress Randi


Hi sluts !

I guess in My last posting, I didn’t share with you, who the picture is of… that My jeolous little bitches, is My newest squeeze ! Isn’t He just hunky? mm, mmm, and tastes as good as He looks ! I love to go for a ride on His bike, but then I love to go for a ride on any of Him, lol.

Maybe if your lucky, I will show you a picture of His cock ! It is big, thick and My favorite play toy of late ! lol His cum is so nice and sweet too ! Better than chocolate !

Thank you very much for your posting sissy mary, I seen it and figured it was time to write something in My blog. I look forward to your gift to Me ! I love to be spoiled and pampered, just as I should be. Perhaps, I will take pictures of My day, on your gift ! Talk to you soon sissy mary, just for being such a good slut, you may call Me on Thursday and I will have a special phonesex surprise for you.
Mistress Randi


Calling all sissies!

The Oiler Hockey Players need a boost. I want each and everyone of you sluts to do your part. Pick a player, any player and ease some of the tension from them before tonites game! you heard Me right! On your knees.

Undo the padding of their hockey uniforms, find those big gorgeous cocks and start worshipping them. I want all of the players to know that Mistress Randi’s sissy sluts are the best at cocksucking there is! Lick those balls, run your tongue up those shafts and kiss the head of that cock. Now suck, feel it grow in your mouth, feel their big strong hands on the back of your head, as they shove their cocks deep into your throat.

After you have tasted their cum, then you may call Me and tell Me, how good a (few) million dollar a year player tastes. Is their cum as rich as they are? Please them girls, I want them to win, and you will do this for Mistress!

I am going to get My car washed !

Call Mistress Randi for the best sissy cocksucking, nasty girl phone sex. 888-733-2243

Down on your knees girls, there are lots of players.

Mistress Randi


Good Day My lovely sluts;

Most of you are coming along quite nicely! sissy mary, I was very impressed with the story you sent Me, and will post it after I have corrected your nasty spelling dear.

sissy francine, thank you dear for the pictures. I love to have pictures of My sluts to add to My collection! girls, sissy francine really is a temptuous slut, her posing is getting better and better, I will show you all very soon.

Now, sissy judith. I am extremely dismayed by you bitch. Mr. Charles has been waiting for a visit from you, and I might add, He is speaking nastier and nastier each day you make Him wait. For your own (and your pussies) preservation, I do hope you contact Him soon!

Well girls, Mistress has a surprise for you! I will be starting My own online training sessions, send me your email addresses if you would like to know more.

There will be all kinds of goodies included, sissy tasks, sissy lessons, phone specials, all you need to do is send Me your email to find out when and where.

Make sure to keep in touch My sluts, even though it is summer, there is much to learn and do!

sissy phone sex, the best with Mistress Randi

Mistress Randi


girls, girls, girls;

I have repeated Myself too many times, some nasty punishments will be performed here very quickly.

A sissies training is ongoing, you know that you need to work on being pretty, sexy, and most of all a loyal sissy to your Mistress.

I realize that sometimes there is a time issue, but really, does your appearance mean so little to you? Do you not want to be the best cocksucking slut you can be?

Buck up girls, face the music and call Me, I have things to teach you.

Now, on a brighter note. I received some new pictures from sissy francine. The slut maybe very tardy, and goodness knows her fashion sense needs to be straightened out. However, thank you sissy francine for the pictures.

sissy girls, please remember how disgusting pink looks on a sissy with red/auburn hair! Not sexy at all!

Well, girls call Me soon, and watch in My blog for new updates coming soon.

Would you like to be on My mailing list for sissy lessons? Send Me an email or call to find out more.

Be good girls.

Mistress Randi