Sissy – Please Me


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Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy, I watch as you come from your bath. Wrapped in a soft pink robe and matching shoes. Such a perfect size you are, petite and feminine. I have laid out your clothes for the day as we have an incredibly special time planned love. Your eyes brighten as you see a new pair of pink nylon panties and a matching bra on the bed. You practically dance with excitement seeing your thick pink jeweled butt plug. Hurriedly you grab the fishnet thigh highs and put them on, then your panties and bra, and finally your short black slutty dress. Then you slip on your heels and come to me.

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Milking Your Boy Juices To Make You A Real Girl

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

A new neighbor has moved in recently, and I think I’ve uncovered a little secret of his. See, someone acts all masculine and boy-like, but he never has any girls over. Ever. And there is something…fairy-like about his walk and the way he talks. I think I have a full-on closeted sissy living next door.

I called up my girlfriends and told them we had a “Milking situation” on our hands. Everyone promised to be over at five pm to help that poor lost girl become who she truly is. With the plan in place, it was up to me to get that girl in position!

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Sissy Needs a Fuck Machine

sissy needs a fuck machine

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

You’re such a naughty cock hungry slut, aren’t you sissy girl? You crave cock in your mouth and sissy pussy constantly, every day. I bet you can’t get it every single day though, right? Therefore, I think sissy needs a fuck machine. That way my little slut can get fucked anytime she wants.

Since you crave having a hard cock in your holes 24/7, you really need to be able to fuck yourself whenever you need to be filled. I want you to get a nice fuck machine online. Sure, they can be a little pricey, but you will get so much use out of it for a long time. Good sissy sluts learn how to suck cock like a pro and take it in their tight sissy pussy. You need this fuck machine so you can be the best sissy slut you can be.

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My Glory Hole Loving Sissies Can’t Get Enough!

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

I dare you to find me a sissy slut who doesn’t crave going to a glory hole. I haven’t been able to find one yet. Especially since I installed one in my red room…. There seems to be no end to the amount of fun I can have with these sluts and their aching mouths.

Why do I have a glory hole in my house you ask? Well, I have so many men always coming over for fun I thought it would add a bit of spice to our sessions. So, I decided to put one on the outer wall of a large walk in closet I have. That way it’s accessible from the outside. It was honestly just supposed to be a secret between my lovers and I. Or, at least I thought it was.

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Cock Sucking Lesson

cock sucking lesson

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

Hello, my new sissy girl. You are brand new to this, aren’t you? Well, you have come to the right place. Sexy slut Zia is going to teach you everything you need to know to be the best sissy slut you can be because, let’s face it, that’s who you really are. One of the most important things to know how to do as a sissy slut is how to suck cock really well. I am going to give you a good cock sucking lesson right now.

The first thing I want you to know is that you can never get that cock too wet. The more spit, the better. Guys love it when the spit is running down your mouth as you suck that hard cock. You also need to remember that the balls deserve lots of attention, too. When you have that huge dick in your whore mouth, you want to use your hands as much as possible. Don’t ignore those beautiful balls, girl. Rub them, tickle them a little, and definitely suck on them. Take one ball into your mouth as a time and swirl that wet tongue around it.

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Sexting Your Mistress Beside Your Wife

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Sexting is fun, right? A discreet way to be so very naughty. The best thing about people being obsessed with their smartphones is no one suspects you to be typing dirty things to your Mistress while on your phone. Everyone always has their face pointed into their cells. You can be anywhere as I tease you for being a panty-boy.

Out for drinks with the fellas, and my words pop up on your screen. A panty check? How embarrassing. Did you install that privacy screen I told you about? You better get that done so I can tease you and remind you what a slut you are for me as we sext with you sitting beside your wife. Her feet are kicked up after a long day at work, and she thinks you’re relaxing with her.

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Hot Girl Summer With My Girlfriends

hot girl summer with my girlfriends

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

Girls, it’s officially summer now. It’s heating up outside and us girls are beginning to dress skimpier, wearing things like short skirts, sundresses and bikinis. I want to have a hot girl summer with my girlfriends and that, of course, includes you.

You should definitely have lots of hot girl summer clothes in your wardrobe already. If you don’t, we’re going to need to go shopping. It is imperative that you know how to properly dress for summertime and that when you do, you feel super girly and slutty. You love feeling girly and slutty, after all. I know you feel your absolute best when you’re wearing something frilly, flowery, or slutty as fuck.

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Sissy Girl Need a Pegging?

sissy girl need a pegging?

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

You are such a cock hungry slut, aren’t you? You crave a huge dick inside your holes all the time. I think I need to peg my little sissy slut. Does sissy girl need a pegging from Mistress Zia?

I want you on your hands and knees like a good little whore. Mistress is going to fuck you so roughly and make you feel like a dirty cock hungry bitch. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You dream of cock and being a slut and you crave it all day every day. Zia knows you and your secret desires. I’m going to show you how a real sissy slut gets treated.

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She Loves Thrills

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

 She loves thrills.  Thrills of getting caught.  I’ve had her do different things where she has barely had the time to escape.  We’ve done this before where she cuffs herself to the computer desk so she can still be seen by me.  *giggle*  It’s always worked out fine. But!………yes there’s a but this time. It was near time for her roommate to come home from work and she knew it.  Planned for it. *giggle*  But….didn’t plan on leaving the bottle with the cuff key in it; in the freezer!  LMAO, I could hear her breath…short and so excited.  Kept repeating….” the roommate will be here soon”…..”no key; what the fuck am I gonna do?”  LMAO  All I could think of was she was trapped and the hunter was coming. Suddenly I heard this loud clash; she had somehow pulled the leg of the desk up enough that she could slide the cuff from under!

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A Bit Of Forced Sissy Fun For A Shy Slut

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

For the most part my sissies beg to be made into sluts but sometimes a bit of forced sissy fun is in order. I know that all of you sissies think I’m nice and sweet when it comes to your feminization, but that’s not always the case. I want to tell you about the one time I had a difficult sissy. He was very defiant at first. But by the time I was finished he was dressed as a she and looking amazing! I’m not ashamed to say that she was my perfect, confident super slut.

I’m pretty gentle with my sissy transformations but this particular “girl” was telling me how much he wanted to be transformed but wasn’t doing anything about it. In other words, he was just blowing hot air and I was pretty over it by the third phone call to me. I told him that if he wasn’t ready to be transformed then he needed to stop fucking whining about how much he wanted to be a sissy. I told him he needed to suck it up and do what I’m telling him or I was going to be so done with him.

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