Vanessa’s Signs That Are You A Real Sissy Phone Sex


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I’m sure you have been struggling with your so-called fetish. I mean what real man would have the type of urges you’ve been having? Here is a list of signs that you have the tendencies of a true sissy:

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Phonesex Sissy Desperate Confessions

How desperately this sissifag needs a big strong man to teach him a lesson. This is how pathetic denying your own desires can make you. Years and years he has tried to be a man and now realizes how stupid that was. From the beginning he was a sissy gurl and now he wants to make up for it in her words.

Sixty one year old man- not a man really- a desperate sissy craving to serve a dominate younger man. I understand that I am worthless, and you are everything. You are my superior in every way. All I want is to please you in whatever way you wish. Your cock will be my god. You will be by god. I need constant punishment. I would be honored if you would punish me for disappointing you in the slightest at any time. I should be spanked hard, especially in front of your girlfriend or friends. If you want to dress me up, take me out to a bar or a mall, on a leash, if you want me to dance with another man in public or go down on my knees and serve him, I would be honored to do so like a good girl. I would reach up on my tippy toes to kiss him or have him put his strong arms around me. Thank you in advance for even listening to my feeble request, Master. Sissifag Tyler

If this sissifag sounds like something you can use please let me know.



Taking Your Manhood Phone Sex

I will remove every ounce of manhood you have left.. every speck of masculinity that you think you have.. Its MINE!

Do you feel the need to submit, the need to have a big fat cock in your sissy hole?  Come let me give you what you want.. let me transform you into that pathetic little sissy slut that we both know you are!

You don’t deserve that cock.. you don’t even deserve to have those balls…

So.. Lets remove them.. Give you a pussy, and find you a GREAT BIG MASSIVE COCK!!!



Phone Sex Sissy Training Week One

Week 1

Sissy Training

Subject – Panty Training


This week we will be focusing on panties.. Now I’m sure you think that you already know everything there is to know right.. you just put them on.. well there are some secrets that you have never heard before. Like what kind of panties are best for your figure, and which ones feel best rubbing against your cock.

During this week you will be given small assignments to complete. You will then have to email me feedback at the email address provided when you sign up.

If you would like to participate in sissy training, please contact me at

Thank You

I look forward to training you

Mistress Angel


Phone Sex Sissy Transformation

Just sit back and relax, I will do all the hard work.  Don’t you want to know how it feels to be as sexy as I am? You just don’t have the balls. So let me do it for you!

I just love tormenting wanna be sissy girls like you.. You know u want to be just like me.. So what are you waiting for?

Its not gonna happen all by itself, you know it takes some time to become perfect just like me..

Its Time



Why Phone Sex Spoiled Panty Shopping 4 Me lol

So, Last week, I was at the mall shopping, and I decided that I needed to get some new panties for you lovely girly-boys to see.. Well, I was looking through all the sexy outfits, and panties, and that when I saw him… There was this guy, in the pantie section.. Picking up all these sexy panties, and holding them up in front of himself… I just about fell over I was laughing so hard.. Well, I decided that I would just linger around to see what he was going to do, and before I knew It, He was in the nightie section.. No guys not the grandma nightie section either, It was the sexy one.. OMG.. He seriously took the nightie off the hanger and slipped it on over his clothes... I couldnt help but start laughing. He reminded me sooo much of you sexy girls.. Thats when I realized what I had to do..

I slid my hand into my purse, and pulled out one of my personal business cards, walked over to him.. and said  I think you could use some help…


He turned tomato red.. It was hilarious..

Anyways he called me yesterday… come find out what happened.





Barely Legal Sissy Maker :) Phone Sex

Thats right, Im Barely Legal, and I have every intention of turning you into a pathetic sissy loser, or making you a better one.
I just love playing dress up, and making sissy boys into pretty girls, taking away any piece of manhood they have left, claiming them as my fucking toys and making them addicted.

Is this something you have always wanted? Is this your first time? Well, get ready for a wild ride, not only with me but with all the girls here. We are all very skilled at what we do.

You will get addicted.



Making you a good COCK SUCKER Phone Sex

I think you need some practice, I want to make sure that you are nice and ready for that massive cock that you have been dreaming of.  You and I both know you want it, so what are you waiting for?? All good little sissy faggots need training, and who better to take lessons from, than a skilled professional. I can teach you everything there is to know about sucking cock and pleasing that man you have been thinking of.

I think its time that you begin your lessons.. Lets chat.



Outing You Phone Sex

A reply to my sissy slut Molley!!
(Click Here To Read The Email)

Well my perfect little slut Molley, I am soo pleased that you did everything to the best of your abilities.  It makes me very happy to know that you were stuck thinking of me for days after our call. That is defiantly the way it should be. Next time, is going to be soo much MORE fun! I have all kinds of dirty things planned for that little girly pussy of yours.


If you would like a chance to become one of my sissy sluts, please give me a call today. Just one phone call can change your life. YOU WILL BE MINE.

Mistress Dani


Sissy Sluts beware phone sex

When I get my hands on you.. I will not be easy on you. I need to use you for my pleasure. I need you to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I tell you to do. Or it is not worth my time or energy to mess with you.  Dress up for me, have toys for me. Be ready to serve me. I don’t have time for those who don’t have any idea what it means to serve me. You should already know who and what you are before you spend time with me. I just want to help you bring out your inner sissy more.


~Mistress Paris~