Being a Girl

“Juicy” Jody 844-33CANDY ext 332

Being a girl is not easy. Every day something new comes up and you have to be able to adapt quickly. Females have it a lot harder than men do. Men can get off simply by tugging a bit on their little dicks. Women need stimulation. We use toys and fingers. It’s more complicated for us to get off than it is for you boys. So when I have a sissy come to me and tell me they want to be a girl – this is the first thing that I tell them.

You need to learn to think of pleasure as a woman would. Both giving it and receiving it. You need to know how to stimulate a man before ever touching him. It’s in the small details – how you wear your hair, do your make up or even in the outfit. Some are simpler than others but effort is required to be a girl.

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Pegging the Perfect Sissy

“Juicy” Jody 844-33CANDY ext 332

Pegging the perfect sissy has always been on my to-do list. Ever since I started to experiment with my own sexuality, I have had this bucket list, and sitting right at number 5 is this exact sentence. The problem was finding the perfect sissy. And to do that, I had to figure out what MY definition of “perfect” was.

It had to be someone who was girly. Pretty girly, not just kind of girly. I needed it to be believable. I also wanted someone who was comfortable in panties and bras, maybe even lingerie.

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Dress-Up Sissy Fuck Phonesex

Madison (bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

I could tell he was super duper eager about the outfit he was going to wear for our call.  He picked out skanky pink panties with a matching bra and of course he was going to stuff with tissues and socks.  He wanted to be a school girl so he had picked out a super duper short plaid skirt and white button up blouse.  Him getting dressed up made me both excited and super horny

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Pity Fuck a Sissy Faggot Phonesex

Madison  (a.k.a. bratty Maddi)  1-844-332-2639  ext 359

I love the idea of humiliating you and having my way with you.  After all, this barely legal hot and sexy brat knows that you will never be a real man.  You go through your daily routine as this macho dude and you love being in charge of it all.  But underneath it all, you’re nothing more than a cock sucking sissy faggot.

That useless thingy between your legs that you fool chicks with as your “dick” is pretty useless.  All the times you had sex with hot babes, all those time were nothing more than “pity fucks”.  And those pity fucks were quite generous of those chicks. 

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Cum to Me for Your Punishment Phonesex

XXX  Collette  XXX  1-844-332-2639  ext 383

You have been a bad sissy bitch and you need me to punish you.  You knew that serving me, you would have to be on your best behavior.  But NOOOOOOOO.  You had to go ahead and fuck things up.  I don’t even want to hear your pathetic excuses anymore, I only care about punishing you and teaching you your fucking lesson.

Quite frankly, you will never be the perfect sissy bitch I want to have by my side and beneath my feet.  But that’s ok, in the meantime, I will bend you over and fuck you hard with my 10 inch black think strap on.  You heard me bitch. 

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Sissy Tries to Take Revenge, But Cums Too Fast Phonesex

XXX Collette XXX 844-332-2639  ext 383

Oh, sissy.  You had enough huh?  Enough of the petticoats and blackmail pictures and bra straps clearly visible under your work shirt?  Enough of the chastity cage and the pegging and having to listen to me moan in the next room over with my lover?

You just had to find the key to your cage and break free, huh?  Well how did that go?  You managed to find your boy clothes, sure, and wash off most of the makeup (though you missed some lipstick sweetie), and you came into my room as I slept.

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Does Your Wife Know Phonesex With TS Goddess Alexus


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Let’s talk about your wife. Does she know how desperately you want to please me? I’m sure she doesn’t. She stopped paying you attention a long time ago. I want to make her take notice of her dumb, dick-loving hubby once again.

But how, you are asking. Why by exposing you for what you are! Those photos we took last time we played, you recall the ones, don’t you? The pictures of your mouth stretched all the way around my cock. With your tongue tapping away on my ball sack as you gargled my head. She’ll like those photos I think.

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Sissy Bitches Phonsex


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349 

GAWD, I am sick to fuck, with you sissy bitches. So high maintenance and yet you have no issue with burning through my time. Yes, I’m a chick with a dick, everything you wish you could be but I don’t care to tell you how to dress and who to be. Being a copycat version of someone else is the lamest thing you can ever do.

Be unique. Dress as you want, play as you wish, be as whoreish as you want but don’t fucking waste my time in the process. You aren’t the first nor the last whore I’ll undress.

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TS Goddess Alexus Takes You For A Spa Day Phonesex


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Have you ever been to a sissy spa? You’ve got to come with me. Everything is getting back on track now. Holidays are over, the new year is in full swing and now we need to buckle down and dig into 2020. Before we can do that with complete focus, we girls need a serious spa day! Don’t give me that look, you know you need some downtime to zen.

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Vanessa’s Girly Boys “Glamping” Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I just love girly boys. Their flamboyant personalities and incredible fashion sense. They are just so much fun. Of course, I have a group wonderful girl boys that I call my “posse”. They keep me entertained while my husband is traveling for business.

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