Anal Stretching Phonesex

Anal Stretching Phonesex

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You need to relax and learn how to properly take a cock in your tight boy pussy if you want to be a good sissy slut. Some of you are not cut out for my feminization etiquette training. That’s because you’re destined to be used for sex like the whore you are. The only thing you’re good at is deepthroating cock and licking it clean. You seem to need more practice with anal sex. This is why we’ll be doing some anal stretching exercises when you come to see me tonight.

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Mistress Indigo’s Sissy Apprenticeship Phonesex

Mistress Indigo's Sissy Apprenticeship Phonesex

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I know sissies have big egos. They are overindulgent and get lost in their feminization fantasies all the time. Sometimes they fall deeply out of reality. They’re big dreamers and struggle with keeping both heels on the ground. This is where I come in. You need to go through my sissy apprenticeship. You will learn to put your needs selfish needs aside to appease me. I will help you blossom into an elegant woman. 

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Dress-Up Sissy Fuck Phonesex

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I could tell he was super duper eager about the outfit he was going to wear for our call.  He picked out skanky pink panties with a matching bra and of course he was going to stuff with tissues and socks.  He wanted to be a school girl so he had picked out a super duper short plaid skirt and white button up blouse.  Him getting dressed up made me both excited and super horny

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Gay Annihilation Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 EXT 288

If I say to you “hey bitch“, it does not surprise you.  You have been craving cock and you cannot get it out of your mind.  All you can think about is FORCED BI.  I have been working very hard to make you crave cock.  I have been mindfucking you to think that you cannot live without cock.  You want to want to taste it in your mouth.  Your mouth to be filled with cock.  Your mouth to be fucked with cock.  Your mouth to be FUCKED HARD with cock.

I love seeing your face fully covered in jizz. Completely obliterated.  Whether it’s your own cum, or someone else’s cum.  I think every session you have with me, it brings you closer and closer to being a complete faggot for me.  I will mindfuck you to the extent where you won’t even get hard for tits or pussy.

Can you imagine, big luscious titties, not turning you on any more.  Do tits no longer make you hard?

Are you a complete faggot for me?

Seeing a big fat cock, much bigger an much impressive than your own, you are completely helpless and complete bitch for me.

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  EXT 288

Sissy Tries to Take Revenge, But Cums Too Fast Phonesex

XXX Collette XXX 844-332-2639  ext 383

Oh, sissy.  You had enough huh?  Enough of the petticoats and blackmail pictures and bra straps clearly visible under your work shirt?  Enough of the chastity cage and the pegging and having to listen to me moan in the next room over with my lover?

You just had to find the key to your cage and break free, huh?  Well how did that go?  You managed to find your boy clothes, sure, and wash off most of the makeup (though you missed some lipstick sweetie), and you came into my room as I slept.

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Locked and Numb Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 ext 288

You knew that it would make me beyond happy to see your little cocklette locked up before the end of the year.  Sadly with the post services being swamped with holiday deliveries, it took a bit longer for you to get your box of goodies.   You could barely function while you were waiting for you chastity cage to arrive.

The fact that now I am in control of your sexuality drives you wild.  But these are just small steps towards what I have planned for you.  Since you cannot please me with that pathetic and useless cocklette of yours, you will only get to play with it when I say it is ok for you to play with it.  And even by then, you will be so horny, you will want to stroke it like a mad maniac.  Ironically…

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Sissy Slut Cindy’s Easter Outfit Phone Sex.

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

We looked and looked for just the right dress.  Finally, at a vintage store, we found it.  Looking online we couldn’t find just what we were looking for.  I looked locally and she looked around her city.

She would send me pictures of things she found and I would send her some options I found.  

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Not Every Sissy is Looking for a Thrill Phone Sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

When Cindy came to me she had already become very popular at the local Glory Hole and had several lovers.  This is not what she wanted.  She wanted to learn to bring the woman out that she was sure deep within her.  

Take another look.  Someone just wanting to dress up and go for the thrills does not go through the steps you can see here.  Only a girl with real urges will do all she can to become the woman she feels.  Cindy on her own looks at skincare products but only buys after consulting with me.  Her skin has improved so much since adding the skincare regimen

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Holy Commandments of a Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Hello sissy or sissy-in-training.  I have compiled the Sissy Commandments and these are the holy laws you shall live by.  You will live and breathe these commandments.  Shall you stray, there will be consequences.  You will obey every order…let’s start…

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Getting frilly with Olivia Phone Sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844 332 2639 x 226~~~~

I will teach you to walk; talk and think like a Diva like me. We’ll shop the better places and get all the sexy panties, bras and other undies you need. We will get you a sexy wigsexy boobs too.

Every eye will be on that sluty body when you walk into the club (or the nasty porn store). With the hypnotic suggestions, you will know you are a hot bitch. All the boys will want some of that!

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