Pickle Park Blow Jobs – Tickle Your Pickle

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Pickle Park Blow Jobs – Tickle Your Pickle – I live out in the boondocks but there is no shortage of perverts around here. There are so many dudes who like to fuck other dudes on the down low. Southern men make me laugh trying to act all studly when it’s clear they are cocksuckers. They really want to suck cock and get fucked in the ass but they just can’t let anyone know about it. It’s all about outward appearances.

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Listening to Those Sweet Sissy Moans Phonesex with Felicity


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

I was over at my friend’s house over the weekend, and her twenty-year-old son had come home from the gym while we were sharing morning coffee. He was soaked in sweat, his biceps just swollen with that post-workout pump. He kissed his mom’s cheek, and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous!

I wanted those young, firm lips on me as well. He smiled politely at me and told us he’d be back after his shower. I closed my eyes and imagined him naked in the shower. It made my horny pussy tingle. I know I shouldn’t lust after my friend’s boy, but he just triggered me in a way that I couldn’t stop myself.

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Olivia’s Newest “Darling”

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Olivia’s Newest “Darling“; as you know when you graduate from Olivia’s Sissy Training you are a “Darling”.  My “Darlings” learn how to be the perfect sissy and gain the self-confidence to move smoothly through their world.  Member how you were so scared to be who you are?  That will all change once you gain your diploma. By the time you finish my lessons, you will use your lessons to be the sissy you want to be.  Sissies are different you know.  Like I helped my most recent sissy be relaxed enough to meet her shemale and fuck the entire weekend.  She called me today and thanked me over and over; telling me all the sorted details.  She was so excited when telling me how she was brought to more than one climax she actually got off two times sharing her weekend adventures.  

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Panty Stealing Sissy Slut

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Panty stealing sissy slut is caught.  I’ve been noticing that my laundry seemed riffled through lately. Tonight I walked in as the neighbor upstairs was pulling my red pair of thongs up over his hips.  Screaming at him I told him I should have known it would be his sissy ass.  Eyes looking like a dear caught in the headlights he was muttering some kind of excuse.  What excuse could he have for having my camisole and panties on?  I told him to gather everything up and come with me to my apartment.  He kept stuttering and muttering excuses.  Getting to the apartment; I again scream at him about being in my panties and cami. Making him stand in front of the full-length mirror I pointed out how he looked.  There he stands and he is scared.

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Sissy Delivery Boy Shocker

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

 Sissy delivery boy shocker is what I got a few nights ago.  The weather has been so bad we gave not been able to go out by the fire pit.  Therefore when we had a couple of great days that led into nights we ordered items we would need for a fire pit party.  We usually get a regular delivery boy from a local grocery store that also has a liquor store.  The husband started the fire and went inside to start getting the steaks prepared as I enjoyed the weather.  Just then the delivery boy arrived with the party items.  Instructing him where to place the food and liquor I couldn’t help but notice how he was staring at me.  I have to admit I began to flirt a bit with him.  I noticed those shoulders and thighs, knowing he could be carrying a nice package between his legs.

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Real Men Wear Pantyhose Phone Sex With Honey

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext 300

Real men wear pantyhose phone sex. Yes, you read that right. You will be wearing pantyhose. I don’t care how hot it is. You will slip those hose over your shaved legs. I want those legs to look so fucking smooth. Just look how soft they make your legs look. You could even pass for a real woman when wearing them. I’ve never thought a man was less masculine because of some pantyhose or lingerie. In fact, it takes some balls to do that sort of thing.

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Bring Me Your Boys And I’ll Make Them Girls Phonesex

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

In a far-off land lived an evil queen. She was rumored to hate men and turned all of her male subjects into sissies. The lucky ones wore cages and stayed in her castle to please and entertain her. However, the ones who resisted, she tortured mercilessly. Even castrated many to set an example of how toxic masculinity could be in her kingdom.

“Bring me your boys, and I’ll make them girls!” She would announce to all of the surrounding kingdoms, and they would. They sent her their poor and useless men. They sent her their male criminals, and she did what she loved most. She used them like sissy toys.

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Alyssa’s Anal Fisting & Training Phone Sex

Asian brunette in black bra and panties for anal fisting phone sex

ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202

Fisting phone sex is what a faggot boy like you needs.  Your ass needs this and I am just the anal trainer you’ve always dreamed of. We will do this in phases. Whether it involves various sizes of dildos or even my fist, I will have that ass. We will begin with a standard progression of inserting larger and larger items into that boy pussy. Your little brown star will be gaping open. That’s when it’s time for a good fisting.

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Pantyhose Princess Phonesex


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Pantyhose, fishnets, thigh highs, it really doesn’t matter, does it? Suntan nude, sheer black or even powdery white, you love them all. You crave that silky, soft touch of the material against you. Only you don’t want to feel it like most men do. Because you are NOT most men.

You, my dear, are a pantyhose princess. I know you like to wear them under your slacks when going to work. The stretchy nylon is hugging your balls and cradling your clit. It gives you a naughty thrill all day long that you think no one knows about.

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Cock Goblin Phone Sex For Vanessa

VANESSA 1-844-332-2639 extension 232

Cock Goblin meets Phone Sex Mistress, let me explain. I met Shawn at a Sissy Convention and he seemed so shy and timid at first. I was drawn to this small, sensitive, bald, middle-aged man. Among all of the flamboyant sissy faggots, he looked so out of place. I almost felt sorry for him.

He seemed to have a lot of self-loathing and low self esteem which made him rather pathetic. He began to open up to me and reveal all of his pent up emotions.

We talked a bit and then I asked what his intentions were. He explained that he had been in a basically loveless and sexless marriage for 12 years. He had been closeting his sissy tendencies for so long and he couldn’t wait to unleash his inner sissy slut. He had been so oppressed for so many years that he simply did not even know where to begin.

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