sissy cuckold fluffer Phonesex roleplay

Hotwife Eve loves to torment sissy boys

Shall we roleplay sissy boy?

I’m the Goddess…you are My sissy cuckold.

Tonight I am in the mood to fuck one of My studs and to humiliated you too!  So I have chosen a special outfit for you bitch… a sissy maids uniform.  The worse humiliation and torment bestowed on any sissy cuckold fluffer!

The doorbell rings!  It’s time to go to work!

Answer the door sissy bitch and hope the neighbors don’t see you standing there all dressed in your sissy maid outfit.

Curtsey for My stud show him how pretty and pathetic you are…He laughs at the pathetic site.

Show tonights fuck to My bedroom you know the routine the preparations sissy!

On your knees sissy maid and watch My lover remove his clothing exposing his large dick.

Open wide sissy cuckold and worship and suck that cock!

Call Goddess Eve sissy boy and lets continue with your own made to order sissy cuckold fluffer roleplay game!

Hotwife Eve

Sissy Boy Christmas Wonderland Phonesex


       lalala … la la la …  la la la … la la la       


Big Balls Swing, are you looking

On the head, cum is glistening

A beautiful sight

You’re happy tonight

Playing in a Sissy Wonderland


Gone away is your shyness

Here to stay is a sissy gurl

You wiggle your ass

As we go along

Walking in a Sissy Wonderland


In the bedroom you can suck a hard cock

Then pretend that he’s your boyfriend


He’ll say: Can you deep throat?

And you;ll say, All the way

Till I gag while wiggling

My prissy lil sissy ass!



Later on, you’ll conspire,

As you dream by the fire

To face unafraid,

The hard cocks you’ve made

While playing in a sissy wonderland!


With the makeup you can build a pretty face,

Paint those pretty lips bright red

You’ll have lots of fun with hard cocks

As you swallow down all the cum!


When they cum, ain’t it thilling,

Though your mouth gets a fillin

You’ll frolic and play, the sissy boy way

While playing in a sissy wonderland