Sissy kitten phonesex

You’re such a good kitten for me.

I love putting on your kitten ears, putting the inflatable plug tail in your little sissy pussy locking it in place. Now to get my pretty little kitten dressed…

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I Will Suck Your Cock For Cum PhoneSex


After having you trained properly, stretched out, and your jaw strengthening excecises by sucking many dildos and my dick, I will whore you out to make me money. I will dress you in sexy panties, thigh high pantyhose, heels and the sluttiest dress I can find for a sissy like you!

Just like a slut, I will string a cardboard sign around your neck that will say, ” I will SuckU4Cum” and put you to work. That way, I will get my money and you will get your cum, sissy slut!

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Phonesex Faggot Boi Takes Cum In EVERY Hole

All faggots love cum, that is a fact. But sometimes a faggot boi comes along who just takes that love of the smooth creamy dick juice to another level. This faggot boi was one of those. He began by telling me that he had a big black dildo suction cupped on his mirror and that he had a chunk of frozen cum saved up to be used in whatever manner I desired. Of course he talked and talked about his love of the ejaculate and all the many ways he had swallowed and otherwise ingested the fertile man cream.

I do believe that he may be the most cum hungry faggot I have spoken with. His love of cum led him to tell me how he had been jerking off ready to shoot a load into his own mouth when it went up his nose instead and he inhaled it. As you can see he gets it everywhere so why not up his nose. I listened to him gag and choke on the lines of cum he sniffed up. He did a good job with the first batch but the 2nd will be even more of a challenge.



Taste Your Cum Phonesex

I know you’ve been curious about it. You seen it ooze out of your cock. The clear glossy pre-cum that drips like a faucet, and the creamy thick jizz that shoots out of you announcing your hard orgasm.

You want to try it. You want to taste your own cum. But you just can’t get the courage to do something so naughty. That’s where I come in. I’m going to force-feed you your cum. And you’re going to slurp up every single drop whether you want to or not.

I’ll start with your slippery pre-cum, feeding you your own wetness off my fingers. Lick it clean while I milk your cock.

If you think you’ll get away with cumming in my palm and not cleaning it off with your tongue… you’re mistaken. I have some very compromising photos of you in women’s lingerie that will make you bend to my will. You wouldn’t want those emailed to your boss, now would you?

Good, cum hard, right into my hand. Lick slut. Lick up all your gooey cum. Saltiny and sour and reeking of sex. Every last drop. I’m sure you’ll be jerking to this memory soon.

Hungry? Call.

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Stuff your nose in my spunk filled pussy phone sex


Yes- you sorry excuse for a man, stuff your nose in my pussy.

Come soak your nostrils with what a real FUCKED pussy smells like. I bet you were the NERDY type in high school who pre- ejaculated in your pants when a Smokin Hottie like myself even smiled at you. Didn’t you? Then on Friday and Saturday nights,  you sat at home all alone and jerked off thinking of my perfect tits, showing through my tight sweater.. nipples rock hard. Making your tiny dickie wickie spring up? Such a sad excuse for a man. A real man would make my pussy melt in his fingers as he pushed in me, wrapping his lips on those nipples.. so now.. sniff what a used wet full of a real mans spunk pussy smells like... then as your mouth waters and your clittie throbs

Pick up a towel and clean me up.

You better not let your skin touch mine!!


I will stomp on your balls so hard they will burst!

The One and Only Mistress Paris

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♥ Cum Find Paris ♥


A New Lingerie Phone Sex Experience

I have really begun to embrace this new bad girl that my husband unleashed and have been buying  new clothes that reflect that new slut who is ready to prowl. My favorite place to spend hours is Victoria’s Secret, mixing and matching seeing what new combinations I can come up with. I had been curious for a while why there always seemed to be so many men in there. I just thought there were a lot of lucky women getting some great gifts. That was until I met Racquel, ok his name was Rick but I remember him best as Raquel. I was standing next to him at one of the racks and he just kept looking at me then he would blush, then I would blush and before you know it we were both giggling together. He held a really beautiful teddy up to his chest and then asked me if I thought he would look good in it. Him? I was a little confused.

I had heard of guys who liked dressing up in lingerie and girly things but I had never met anyone who did, or so I thought, now I’m not so sure.  I blushed and laughed and told him that with his coloring that shade of blue would look great on him. He asked if I thought he should try it on. Here in the store?  But he did and when I saw him in it I have to say it, I got very excited. It was so erotic watching his male bits move under the barely concealing lace. His cock grew harder as I watched it and I couldn’t help but think how sexy it would be to rub my body against his in that lingerie. I have had lesbian fantasies, but this was a whole other naughty thing. Sort of the best of both worlds. I did end up going to dinner with Raquel and let me tell you the feel of his teddy against my bare skin, mmm makes me shiver.  It was an eye opening experience for me.  I am so excited to be here where I can find more of you sexy silky playbois. I hope we get to have lots of fun together.



Deception Phone Sex

I look so nice and sweet don’t I? Yes, I am but you must beware because I am not always what I appear to be. I take very good care of my sissies until they misbehave. Just recently, my good gurl decided to push my boundaries and found out just how bad my punishments can be. Instead of painting toenails and dressing up like a princess, she was dressed up as a whore, led by me on a collar, down to the local bar where I let my sissy become everyone’s cum slut. But it didn’t end there….




Phonesex Toys

I went out and bought a new strap-on today and lots of hot kinky little toys to play with. I can’t wait to show all of my little sluts my new dildo’s and fuck toys.
One of my sluts called me while I was taking all of my new toys out of the packages. We had a really hot time testing some of them out. My slut loved the way my nipple stimulators got her nipples all hard and tingly. My new clit licker had pre-cum oozing out all in her panties.
When I shoved my new juicy dildo in her mouth and my strap-on in her pussy she moaned and begged for more. I pounded that tight little pussy of hers until she exploded shooting hot sticky cum in her silky little panties.


Phonesex Cum Slut


This weekend we are kicking off cum slut month with sisters Rhonda and Cory. We want to see which one of our sluts can take the most cum in both of their holes for us. We have lots of fun in store for our little sluts. We will be holding our little challenge in our Fetish Dungeon. Contest starts on April 1, 2011 contest ends on April 30th, 2011. We will post our winner on our sister’s site

You can enter as many times as you want. April is going to be a wickedly hot fun filled month with your favorite sisters. Don’t miss out on all the fun. Give us a call.

Erotic Hypnotic



 Erotic Hypnotic



Sexy phonesex Sissy Mistress

I KNOW you crave to be sexy and feminine. You wish, in fact, that you could be me; the perfect woman. You want my soft, creamy skin and long, blond hair. You hope that one day you’ll wake up with a soft and curvaceous body like mine.  So stop pretending to be that wanna be sissy and get your pathetic whiny ass and pick up the phone and call Miss Trisha.

When you call Miss Trisha, I will paint your lips ruby red and slut you out like a whore and then dump you like lasts night trash.

So Cum feel sexy in pink.

Miss Trisha