Facial Time – Like Face Time But For Sissies!

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

What is it about you sissy whores that makes you love a sticky cum facial so much? I’ve talked to so many cum loving shanks; lately I’ve decided to set up something called facial time. It’ll be a video messaging service I’ll offer, much like face time (Minus my face, lol rules is rules), and you’ll need to get into position.

If you are at a glory hole or have someone over, good, I wanna see them blow on your slut tongue. Stick out your bubblegum pink tongue and cross your eyes; let me hear you say, “Nnnggghhh.” Now, if you are alone, you have to do all the work! A good sissy still needs a load on her face. Fold yourself up, aim your clit stick at your face and blow for me.

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~ Suck a cock phonesex~

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

How to suck a cock in three easy steps! In my humble witches’ opinion, you are NOT an actually sissy unless you know how to suck cock! For those of you that have never done it before. Who has thought about it but have been apprehensive to actually do it. Either for fear of doing something wrong or maybe that even you know that it really is the final step to your sissification process.

I am going to help those who are ready to take that step. Sucking cock is not just putting a dick in your mouth and bobbing your head. That right there is the first step. Step 1 know the difference between sucking cock and just having one in your mouth. Yes, sucking and bobbing is a part of it but you have more to offer.

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Sharing and Cumming in My Panties Phone Sex!


Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

One of my favorite sissies loves hearing about my dick appointments. He loves cock himself so he enjoys hearing about me fucking all kinds of guys. He’s a sissy cuck so he wants to sit there and listen to me get fucked hard while he plays with his clitty. He always asks to be closer with me so he came up with the idea where I fuck another guy while wearing sexy panties so I can mail them to him afterward. That way he can wear them and get fucked by another guy and also cum in them. Sharing and cumming in the same pair of panties sounds so fun! 

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Honey And The Sissy Ho Phone Sex


HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300

That little sissy ho bitch thought she had gotten one over on me. Not so fast, sissy bitch. I wasn’t having her get the upper hand with me. You see, this little Brentlynne (seriously, that’s what she calls her dumb self) thought she could blow my man on the down low and I wouldn’t find out about it.

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Knicker Licker Creampie Lover PHONESEX

Mistress Noelle <3 1-844-332-2639 ext 379

Where are all my knicker licker creampie lovers?  I know you’re out there.  Hungry and aching for a cum filled dripping cunt just for you.  I just let my lover fuck me so fucking good.  Now I need a dirty little clean up boy just like you to lick up the creamy mess in my knickers.

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Tom’s Better Than A Beta Seeding Phone Sex


TOM 1-844-332-2639 extension 342

Are you familiar with the omega male? I met one recently. His name was Matthew and he was a sweet faced guy who managed a department store. He was almost boyish looking. An omega is different than a beta loser. Matthew was successful and take charge at work but definitely not an attention seeker. He did love to please and serve. He got off on being submissive and being humiliated by a strong, mean alpha. 

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Sissy Cum Slut Phonesex

Sissy Cum Slut Phonesex

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Look at your pathetic slutty ass. You’re already on your knees with your tongue hanging out. I know what you’re waiting for. You want a nice big load of cum in your mouth. You’re a filthy cum slut. You’d do anything to taste that salty cream.

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Kissing the Girlie Body of Yours Phonesex with Sex Kitten Lyric

Sex Kitten Lyric ===> 1-844-332-2639   EXT 247

You fantasize and crave about being a girl sometimes, you have even dabbled in wearing sexy lingerie.  You have a favorite little pair of bright pink panties that make you feel so sensual and sweet, submissive and super girly. 

A trip to the mall is the first thing I have planned for you and I.  I’d love to buy you a dress, something that flatters your figure.  Beautiful silky, lacy, lingerie for underneath with some sexy black stockings.  The sales lady helps us with every detail.  Of course, she thinks you are sweet and adorable.  She and I have fun teasing how sweet and stylish you have become.

You are a real girl!

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Sissy Stroke Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext, 346

Breathe slowly, begin to stroke. Feel yourself relax. Feel yourself letting go, that’s right. You’re beginning to go to that place, that place where it never ends, where pleasure is infinite. You’re going to go into a place of mindless bliss, of endless ecstasy. Keep stroking, not to fast, slow. This is all about pleasure. Relax…breath. Stroke. Slow…that’s right sissy. Slow and endless, gentle. You want your cum to explode like a girl, over..and over.

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Miss with the T-Girl phonesex

844-332-2639 x 224

The drag show was so much fun! I got to go up on stage and sing and dance with the queens and I made a lot of new friends.

Even a sexy t-girl. I had the opportunity to fuck her and she had a nice cock too.

You would have been so jealous. She had the most amazing tits with such suckable nipples.

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