Mistress Noelle’s D/s Ritual Phone Sex

Mistress Noel <3 1-844-332-2639 ext 379

Mistress Noelle’s D/s Ritual.  Part of entering a session of Domination and submission that I love most is our beginning ritual.  The ritual we develop is unique and special to us and is never repeated.  This is because no two submissives enter the role of submissive the same way.

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Mistress Indigo’s Sissy Apprenticeship Phonesex

Mistress Indigo's Sissy Apprenticeship Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

I know sissies have big egos. They are overindulgent and get lost in their feminization fantasies all the time. Sometimes they fall deeply out of reality. They’re big dreamers and struggle with keeping both heels on the ground. This is where I come in. You need to go through my sissy apprenticeship. You will learn to put your needs selfish needs aside to appease me. I will help you blossom into an elegant woman. 

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Beg For My New Toy Phone Sex

Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Last week I got a package with several toys and one of them was a big, black strap on dick. I am quite ecstatic to see how your tight little hole is going to quiver as I push my fat black dick deep inside you.  What makes it even more exciting is that you are going to beg me to fuck you.

How about you start groveling at my gorgeous feet and start begging me to fuck you.  I know you are desperate for me to bend you over and fuck you like a desperate little bitch.  After all, a good ass fuck is nothing but a reward for you. 

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Vanessa’s Naughty Sissy Boys Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I just love a naughty sissy boy. I love seeing him get himself into a predicament and then beg me to bail him out of it. The power surge from that is just addictive, darling.

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Spitting On My Sissies Phonesex

Spitting on My Sissies Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

I enjoy watching you tremble as you try to walk in your high heels. You fall to the ground yet again. I’ve forced you to practice wearing heels around your house but you don’t take it seriously. Spitting all over you is the only thing your sad sissy ass deserves.

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Training For The Glory Hole Phone Sex

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

Yeah, it’s time.  I’m so excited to send you to the glory hole. Who would have thought a whining sissy boy as you would come into your own?  It took a lot of training and pushing your sissy ass to get you where you are.

Member starting off being so afraid you wouldn’t take the steps you needed to.

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We’ve Come A Long Way Together Phone Sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

When we first started enjoying Phone Sex together you were so shy about letting me know what you liked.  Sometimes I wasn’t sure if things were going as they should, but you kept coming back.  This is always a good sign so I kept trying to get to the core of you.  

As you opened up to me and we learned more about each other things started to really heat up.

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CBT Cam Whore Slave Phonesex

CBT Cam Whore Slave Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

You’re trapped at home which makes it even easier for me to keep tabs on you. Don’t think that I’ll go easy on you. You’re keeping your Skype video on for as long as I request. This will allow me to spy on you and make sure that you don’t fuck up. I’m giving you a list of tasks to work on throughout the week. I’m a perfectionist so you better not make any mistakes or else you’ll have to start all over. You can’t turn the camera off until I’m satisfied. You’re my cam whore slave now.

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Kayla Cumsalot’s Call Me “Yes, Daddy Sir” Phonesex


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Daddy. The word has always made me shiver. It can pack such a punch when whispered in the ear of a lover. A Daddy is kind and loving, yet firm and strict for your own good. It hit me like a sack of bricks this morning, I’m YOUR FUCKING DADDY!

Mmmhmm. You crawl to me. Begging for my attention. You want me to coddle you and tell you how special I think you are while paddling your naughty ass for all the wrong you’ve done. It’s obvious you want me to take care fo your needs. So, go ahead. Get down on your knees and call me “Daddy.”

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Scared and Wimpy Sissy Phonesex

Scared and Wimpy Sissy Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

Nothing disappoints me more than a sissy that is too scared and wimpy to follow through. Unfortunately, most of you fall into this category. It’s pathetic. Do not even dare to act like you are above the other sissies when you can’t even hold yourself accountable. At least the other sissies will admit they are useless cum rags.

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