Phone Sex With My Pink Rabbit Princess!

*LUCY*   844-332-2639 xxx- 221

I adore my little Sissy Girl Michelle. She’s pretty perfect in every way. Michelle came to me one day and told me all about her pink rabbit. She loved it but longed to be a girl and turn that pink rabbit cock into a perfect pink rabbit clitty. She was shy at first and wouldn’t make eye contact when she told me but I knew what she wanted.

I dressed her up, in the most gorgeous girly sundress, with that pink rabbit clitty as the star. The outfit is like a flower, blossoming around that sweet center. Her clitty is so pretty, I had to create an outfit that did not cover it up. It’s hard to see unless you look very closely because she tries to hide it sometimes. But when you catch a glimpse between her legs your mouth starts to water. Her little pink rabbit is just aching to be licked and fucked.

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Mistress Noelle’s Sissy Training Phone Sex

Mistress Noel <3 1-844-332-2639 ext 379

Welcome to Mistress Noelle’s Sissy Training.  I may not be a brutally harsh Mistress but don’t think for one minute that I am a push over.  You have goals to become a true sissy.  And you would not be here if you were able to achieve these goals on your own.  So, if you approach me about helping you with your sissy training, I expect that you will do so with openness and sincerity.

I do not have time to waste in my day.  So, do not for one-minute think that you can come to me playing some game.  I have been at this long enough to know when I am speaking with an earnest and eager sissy boi and when I am speaking with a true loser.  Only one of you will get attention from me because only one of you deserves it.

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I Wanted A Man Phonesex

Pretty redhead wanted a man

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

 I wanted a man but you fooled me, good. I really believed what you presented. When we met, I thought you were a man. I guess you are used to fooling everyone with your fake life. It probably isn’t even a struggle for you to puff out your chest and beat on it like the Alpha man you wish you actually were. It’s a shame really because I thought we would be good together. Maybe even grow old together but now I know that will never happen because you are not really a man.

You are a sissy in disguise! How could I ever love a sissy who doesn’t own his truth?

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Forced Into A Sissy With Jade Phone sex

Richard was one of those guys that has a little dick and is a total loser. He was unaware of what I was going to do to him tonight. For so many hours I had dug thou my closet looking for many panties and things I could force on him. Forced Into A Sissy With Jade gets fun.

I have so many panties that they have their own dresser and I was going to force this loser to become a sissy slut for me and try on all my panties. Digging thou many of my panties I  picked out three of my favs and laid them out on my bed.

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Shopping Slave Phonesex

sexy young brunette indian wearing leather skirt and high heels

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One of the good things about having a sissy worship me is making them my shopping slave. They follow me around and let me pick out the girliest lingerie and clothes for them to wear. In return, they carry all our purchases and wait on me hand and foot while I’m trying on my own clothes.

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A Sexy Show Phone Sex

Sexy brunnett, topless in fishnet stockings.

Kayla Cumsalot 18443322639 EXT 357

Vegas has a ton of SEXY SHOWS! They are all taking a break now, which makes me reminisce when I brought my friends to one every time they visit. I’m plotting my next visitor’s adventure now!

I have a male friend who likes to DRESS AS A WOMAN. Where he lives isn’t as welcoming as Sin City. They don’t give him a chance to express himself. When he gets here, I’m going to surprise him with a SEXY OUTFIT I’ve picked out just for him. I’m thinking a lacy garter belt with sheer thigh high STOCKINGS—some SILKY panties with a matching bra of the same color.

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Holiday Card Time Phonesex

Transexual Blonde poses for Holiday card.TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349 

Nothing brightens up a chilly winter day more than opening your mailbox and receiving a holiday card. Have you opened any yet this year? I know it’s a little early. A few have sprinkled into my mailbox. However, as the years pass, it seems fewer and fewer people send out these little bright spots of cheer. You, my sissy pal, are going to brighten many people’s day when you send out the personal holiday cards I’m going to help you make!

You’ll dress up in your full-on sissy gear. The sluttiest, girliest things you have in your closet! The whole shebang! Babydoll, stocking, garters, and of course your clitcage! Really gussy yourself up, and I’ll hold the camera! Remember, we’re going to send these out, you’ll want to look your best!

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Sissy’s A Christmas Present Phone Sex

Sissy’s Christmas present gets so messy. This year my sissy was going to do something to please her Vixen Jade. I had been thinking for days about what I could do to make her really feel the Christmas this year. Sissy’s A Christmas Present gets so naughty.

Sitting in my front room sipping on a glass of wine wrapping presents for family and it hit me like a ton truck.  Thinking so hard I was going to set up a Christmas gangbang and she was to be dressed as a present then they would open her up.

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Holy Commandments of a Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Hello sissy or sissy-in-training.  I have compiled the Sissy Commandments and these are the holy laws you shall live by.  You will live and breathe these commandments.  Shall you stray, there will be consequences.  You will obey every order…let’s start…

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You are GAY Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric 844-332-2639  x247

Let’s be honest and realistic here, you are not interested in me.  I am fuck-a-liscious and you are not interested in me at all.  You do appreciate me and of course you appreciate my hot bod.  You are not interested in seeing what’s underneath my clothing and my sexy lingerie.  I can bounce my tits for you and you won’t even blink or twitch.  You’re not even interested in what’s underneath my skirt.

But I know what you are interested in.  COCKBig thick juicy throbbing cock and I know your secret.  You’re not interested in me because deep down inside YOU’RE GAY!  What would everyone say if the found out?  What would your friends and family say if they knew you were attracted to men?? 

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