~ nice frilly panties phonesex~

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A sissy has to watch her figure! You have to keep in shape so that you can wear all the nice frilly panties and have fun with that boy pussy of yours. I think I have found the perfect way for you to do that! A Sissy triathlon! If you don’t know a triathlon is a sport that combines swimming, cycling and long distance running.

Of course, with a sissy triathlon I will have to mix things up a little bit. And this is a competition. You will not just be doing this yourself. There will be sissies from all overcoming with their mistresses to compete. You are my entry. See that’s how confident I am in you and your sissy nature.

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Do you a favor phonesex

Blonde standing on a bed bent over with her ass facing the camera playing in her pussy fully nude breast in full view

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I am going to do you a favor. Yes, I know this is not like myself to do so. Though now you can see that this goddess mistress of yours can be very nice when she chooses to be. Today I am going to teach you the art of Anolingus. This word is not familiar to you? Let me explain. Anolingus is the act of tonguing the ass of another.

What? You thought me teaching you the art of sucking cock was all a sissy like you was going to have to learn? Insulting really. When I took you under my beautiful wing I told you I would turn you into the best sissy that you could be. Anolingus is something ever good sissy needs to have in her arsenal of tools and tricks that she knows how to do and to do well.

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~ Easter egg hunt phonesex~

 Brown haired girl playing with her hair looking at the camera in a leopard print corset top smiling

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

I love easter not just because of all the sexual magic that I get to do, but there are other really fun things to do. I love a good easter egg hunt. Though I doubt you have ever done an Easter egg hunt like I do one. If you don’t already know I have a harem of men. What that means is I have a set of men I have under my sexual spell.

They do my sexual bidding and serve as my concubines that I get to fuck and do as I please with. I have 13 of them right now more to come. This time of year I like to invite them all over for a little fun. Half the fun of an Easter egg hunt is the painting of the eggs right? I don’t use normal eggs though. No, that wouldn’t be very much fun.

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Learn a lesson phonesex

Blonde on her knees on a bed bent over looking over her shoulder in pink panties and a bra smiling

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You are a little sissy bitch who needs to learn a lesson. One I think Dysmorphophilia will teach you. Are you not familiar with this? Let me explain. This is a kink where one is attracted to a deformity in another. You have stated more than once the kind of bull you wish to take you for the first time. A big man is what you say all the time.

Too bad for you that you were not clear. Obesity can be considered a deformity of the body. You see where this is going I can tell. You will have your sissy cherry popped with a 417 lb man. He is going to be the one diving into the sissy pot tonight. You would think this would not excite you but I can the leaking from your clitty through your panties.

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~ Your sissy stuff phonesex~

 Long brown hair down over shoulders leaning against the wall in black polka-dotted panties and white bra only

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

It is time. Time for what? Time for you to show off your sissy stuff! Welcome to the first every sissy beauty contest held by yours truly. I will be running this whole thing. For all my sissy boys. We will have lots of different categories to be competing in. There will be a beauty part to this of course. Going all out to make yourself the best-looking sissy out there.

There will be the question-and-answer portion of this contest too. Where I as the host will be asking all my lovely sissies a series of questions and the judges who will be a panel of a few friends of mine will judge you based on your answers. Oh, and we can’t forget the talent part of this show too.

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Honey’s Sissy Diva Phone Sex


HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext. 300

You know you need this. You need to be trained the right way. Stop messing around with inferior sissy training. Step up to the best of the best. That’s right – me. Miss Honey will take you by the hand and lead you on an incredible journey. 

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Almost Pussy Free Phonesex With Hotwife Felicity

Buxom blonde with legs spread holding her fake tits.

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

I took ownership over a sissy slut a few months ago. The girl has the smallest clitty I’ve ever seen. I mean SMALL. Perfect for a clit cage, but that tiny little button is tough to reward. Normally, I would unlock a slut and maybe ride her clit for my own pleasure to induce the monthly milking but sitting on this slut is like trying to mash a tictac in my twat.

I’ve decided instead of using any real pussy and disappointing women further; I would reward my chastity slave with a fleshlight release. Keeping her almost pussy free.

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One-of-a-kind sissy phonesex

 Blonde on her knees breast exposed in a corset pulling down her panties

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You have done so well being the best sissy that you are able to be. You have done so much so far to make yourself a one-of-a-kind sissy. By following all my instructions to a T and I have to say you are shaping up to be a great creation of mine. There is something that we will need to address today. I find it very important for the sissy to know what it looks like to be fucked.

As in what it looks like to the bull fucking you. Today I will be having you fuck yourself. I will make sure that you will be able to see from all angles with mirror placement. We will be recording everything as well so that you can go back and watch it all over again. I know as a sissy there is one thing that you are ashamed up. This is your big hairy ass.

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Willow’s Sissy Training Phone Sex

blonde bare breasts

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

There are a lot of nuances and special things you need in order to be real sissy slut. You need a guide/tutor to help you with the process. Someone who knows all about fashion and makeup and everything you need to be a girly girl.  We will cover everything to complete your sissy identity.

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~ Our sissy games phonesex~

Long brown hair naked half out of a closet door framing it smiling hiding her breast from view

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

You have been with me for a while now. We have been playing our sissy games. Just for you to leave and be Ben again to all your friends and family. You come in to complain to me about how no one understands you. How your wife would never understand your needs to be a sissy. Thats your friends would never want anything to do with you.

How you feel so trapped because you have to live like a sissy in the closet and Ben to everyone else. You tell me how you hate your job. How women always get the best at your work. That if you went to work dressed as your sissy alter ego then you would get all these perks too. I’m actually just pretty tired of hearing it.

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