Glory Hole Slut Phone Sex

Ever been to a glory hole, you little sissy slut?! I’m going to dress you

up in the sluttiest outfit I can find!! Gotta show off those freshly shaven

legs, those perky tits, and new little slutty panties I got you!! Can’t forget

to put on that new bright pink cock sucking lipstick either!! Then off to

the glory hole we go! You are to crawl in while I hold you on your pink

studded leash that is attatched to your pink studded collar..and stay on

your hands and knees the entire time! You are going to be in sissy slut

heaven when you see cock after cock poking through all of the holes in

the giant custom glory hole I had made just for you!! Do you want to know

what happens next? I bet you do you little slut! Call me to find out!!!!

~Princes Taylor


Forced-Bi Phone Sex

Hello little sissy bitchboy. I’m in the mood for something kinky, something devious,  and something sinful. I want to test your bounderies and push your limits.

If your not in the mood for what I want too bad, because you have no choice. I’m in the mood for forced bi phone sex.

Now don’t think little sissybitch, that I’m going to make you march down to the local sex shop and suck 15 dicks right away.

Forced bi little bitchboys need to be trained with different sizes of cocks, which guess what,  I, your phone sex mistress have many different sizes and shapes of strapon cocks for you to be forced down on, and I am very skilled in the art of sissyboy anal training.

Ready to take the next step little forced-bi bitch? Then give me a call.


Forced Bi Humiliation Phone Sex

Little bitchboy Billy came to me today to beg and plead to serve a hot phone sex Mistress like me. One of the first things to come out of this pathetic bitchboys mouth was that his dick was only the size of a baby carrot when hard, and he had a problem even with that, but that he would try to service me anyway he could. I immediately bust out laughing, and with tears still pouring out of my eyes, I asked little bitchboy if he was serious in the thought he could please me with a pathetic tiny dick like his.

This dumb fuck honestly thought a hot phone bitch like me would even dream about touching a tiny shriveled boner.  HAHAH, still makes me laugh when I think about it. I told little bitchboy Billy, that there was only one way he could serve and service me, being as hot as I am.

Little bitchboy was instructed to put on his sissiest, sluttiest outfit, one that shows plenty of ass, exposing his boycunt for everyone to see.  After getting all dolled and sissified up like a 2 dollar whore, he then again called me at a porn theatre and then I instructed him to suck 5 cocks for me and then get fucked by 2 big dicks. Bitchboy Billy certainly did go from being a little dicked bitchboy to being my full time sissyboy bitch whore.

I love turning little dicked losers into something useful, something I can use, abuse, and be amused by. Ready to be my little bitch whore?



Gangbang Phonesex Saturday Night

Here it is Saturday  night and I am all alone just me and my toys, no one to talk to.  Its going to be a very long WET weekend with me and my tight pink pussy.  I am in the mood to be kinky this weekend.  Even to be a dirty slut, dominate you, spank you tease you, please me, or maybe I should make YOU please my thick, hard STRAPon,  Maybe it needs your soft luscious wet lips around your cock too make it HARD.. or do you need a young teen to tell you how to please pathetic cock, maybe you want to hear about the GANG BANG I have planned for you this weekAll sissy’s are welcomed to get there sissy fuck hole filled.

Hugs and kisses on my SOFT WET PINK Parts,



Sissy Strap-on Training Phone Sex

Well hello little bitchboy. You look so cute the way I dressed you up like the sissywhore you begged me, pleaded for me to change you into. Well I simply can’t in good conscience send you out to glory holes, or bathhouses to be my personal sissy whore, without any practice. So the best way for me, your sissy mistress, to start training you is with my big strap-on. Oh sure you’ll gag at first as you learn how to handle a cock, and you’ll need a gag in your mouth the first time you take my strapon in your boy-pussy, but I will train you to be the best sissy cocksucking whore.

I  bet you can’t wait for me to take you shopping for the perfect sissy clothes for you to wear when your down on your knees sucking your first dick. Mmm its gonna be so much fun and totaly hot.


Boy-pussy creampie phonesex

Now seeing that tight boy-pussy getting filled at the next glory hole party will be hot.  That is right I am going to put bitchboi up at the next fetish party.  He will be getting his tight firm ass fucked raw.  I will enjoy sitting back with my soda, and a hot chick sucking My cockwhile I see bitchboi being fucked by many cocks.  Once they are done I will make sure that all cream-pie is cleaned and sucked from his ass from another sissy slut.

Want to Tease and please Me?




Kinky Phonesex Cock Sucking

Have you ever thought about or wished what it would like to be a cum slut or be forced to suck cock?  Well now is your chance.  Cum and talk with me Cordelia the kinky glory hole fuck slut.  I will show you what it is like to be a cum guzzling slut like me, maybe you have a desire to force your cock down my throat and whisper naughty things in my ear on how you plan on making me your sissy?   Maybe its even the hot phone sex call you want is for me to take my winkie and shove it up your boy-pussy after I have dressed you up in a nice baby doll outfit.

Only time will tell to see how much we can be sissy’s together in our sexy Role-plays!



Sissy Faggot Phone Sex

Open your mouth little faggot bitch, this teen mistress has a big surprise for you. Not only do I have a strap-on that’s 9 inches long, its also very fucking thick. My strap-on is more of a man than you can ever hope to be and thats why your trembling in your little sissy panties. Don’t worry once I break you and your faggot ass in we can then turn you out to the big boys, pimping and whoring you out at the local cocksucker hotspots. The weekend is cumming up and I know you can almost taste the cum in your mouth.



New Phonesex Contest Winners – Read All About It!

A new week brings new contest winners!

Congratulations go out to two lucky voters.

1rst place winner is *LawyerInLingerie* he has won a free 15 minute call to use on the lady of his choice.

2nd place winner is *Zerk* he has won an extra 5 minutes to add to a paid call with the lady of his choice.

If you want to enter our contest to have a chance at being next weeks winner, join us in the chat room and we’ll tell you how! New winners drawn every Sunday!

Specialties include: GFE (Girlfriend Experience), Romantic Lovemaking, Sensual Tease, Girl Next Door, Best Friend Sex, Intelligent Conversation, Story-Telling, Roleplaly, Sissy Girls, Pantyhose Lovers/Panty Boys, Guided Masturbation, Pillow Talk

Cuddly Carly

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Sissy sluts glory hole adventure phone sex

I have a sissy slut that calls me, and now we are ready for our next venture,  she is going to go out with me later this week, and she is going to suck a real cock, of course she has been practicing on her dildo, sucking it clean after she uses it, because a sissy slut should always keep her toys nice and clean after they have been used.

I’m going to take her to this adult bookstore in town, and we are going to go to the back where she will have her first experience with a glory hole. I am going to make her stay back there and see how many cocks she can suck .It is going to be so hot, watching her pretty lips wrapped around those big cocks, wonder if those guys will guess who is on the other end.

I can’t wait to see my  slut leave the book store with cum dripping down her chin, so stay tuned next week and I will let you know what happened with my sissy sluts glory hole adventure.

Mistress Wendy